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A new low

Ribble - your best chance of a liner from an otter is 10lb mainline preferably maxima they cant see it very well in the dark. Fish tight to the lead close in for maximum otter line bite registration. Good luck !

Tom Mycroft

Senior Member
Here's one from 4 yrs ago on the Derbyshire Dove. Swimming on the the surface, picked the line up and took the lot with him!

Nicholas Cole

Senior Member
How about being bitten off at 2am by a rigonda (not sure of the spelling but it's a big rat like a beaver) in France? Same beast bit my mates line through 5 mins later.

Mark Anderson

Super Moderator
Staff member
Hi ,
How about Sue baiting a swim on a S bend , getting a few barbel and chub feeding . We sat and watched as they fed on the gravel below our feet , it was a matter of time . A bloke 50 yds downstream asked me to photograph a bream for him , and I left sue to watch it all unfold .
I returned to find her with the rods being shipped down . She had watched as an otter smashed into them as they had gathered over the pellets , and in tears packed up saying "I'm not baiting a swim to make it easy for an otter" 😟.

That was the end of fishing for Sue , a few years ago now , and although I try and get her out her heart ain't in it , the end of us watching barbel in deserted wild waters 😕.

Back to carp fish , Hatter

Chris Jones

Senior Member
About a year ago, on one of my local rivers, I hooked a decent grayling that had me thinking about getting my scales out as I was playing it. Just as I was reaching for my landing net, I heard a plop and watched a stream of bubbles head towards the fish that had just surfaced. To my relief, the bubbles appeared to go beyond the fish. Unfortunately, a big black nose, set of whiskers and some impressive rows of teeth appeared and made the grayling disappear rapidly. For a little while, I was still attached to both fish and otter. It made a beeline for a partially submerged tree just upstream. I clamped up and the hook pinged out of the fish. Mr Otter proceeded to exit the river just upstream and treat me to ten minutes of chomping noises. Once done, it plopped back into the water, swam under my feet and climbed out of the water and sat, clearly visible, just downstream of me. It just watched me fishing for a while and then slowly ambled away.

Mike Webb

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I thought I'd hooked a blue shark once fishing on the Lleyn peninsular for conger. It all but emptied my multiplier before turning round and coming right in to below my feet under the rock platform I stood on. At that point the line went slack and an 8 foot long seal with teeth like a veloceraptor appeared at my feet!
I was momentarily terrified, but a proper brush with nature. There was no sign of hook or line attached to it 👍
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