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20lb Amnesia as a hook length?

Adam Wylie

Senior Member
I am going to try Amnesia as a hook length this season, I was thinking 20 lb BS or 15lb BS .
I am using a 40lb braid for mainline, size 6 or 8 hooks.Any thought please ?

Jon Elliott

Senior Member
It's great for a combi rig when you want to ensure your hook length is nailed to the deck. There's a US line called Seagau or something like that, mainly found in 'game' shops. but it's excellent.

Anthony James

Active Member
For me it's not about the diameter, if you are worried about spooking the swim use a back lead. If you are worried about snags, then a decent mono is much better abrasion resistance. Only benefit is bite detection and who needs that targeting barbel. For small rivers, mainline braid poses more danger to fish. But I'm not judging, just offering my experiences 👍🏼