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  1. Steve Jones

    Some advice needed please...

    Vitalin is your friend here peeps
  2. Steve Jones

    mortimer & whitehouse gone fishing

    For ducks sake give it a rest the pair of you, you disagree, move on and behave like adults. I used to moderate the fishing warehouse at it hight of popularity and I'd have given the pair of you a ban
  3. Steve Jones

    advice for a newbie

    To me it's a personal choice, I go fishing for me, not to seek fame, glory, media whore status, sponsorship etc. I like to go places that are out of the way and quiet. If I told the world and his aunt or her uncle they wouldnt be. Big pike are the best example for keeping stum, to much...
  4. Steve Jones

    Shakespeare Eagle centerpin

    Hi guys I have the above for sale. Model nr 2900 400. £25 collected from Sutton Coldfield North Birmingham or £30 posted
  5. Steve Jones

    Pellet not Boilie Grinder/Crusher

    As I'm a jedi according to the religion I put on the last census form, I use the force. The force of boiling water 😜
  6. Steve Jones

    What main Line are people using

    Diawa sensor, used it since god was born, if it ain't broke don't change it
  7. Steve Jones

    Angling camaraderie

    Tight ducks, of course he/she could have some but I make my own so they cost pennies. What goes around always comes around
  8. Steve Jones

    Are Barbel the "new"carp ?

    As a life long carp fisherman and BCSG member I agree with you. Bivvs have no place on rivers unless you are staying for a while camping and while sleeping rod singular in unbaited on the rest, same while pike dangling
  9. Steve Jones

    6lb Eustace Pro gold wanted

    Posted today m8
  10. Steve Jones

    6lb Eustace Pro gold wanted

    Hi Julian, I've got what appears to be half a 550yards spool of both 6 and 8lb in a bag full of line I've been asked to get rid of on behalf of one of the local BCSG guys who unfortunately recently died. All monies raised are going to an angling charity. I think small parcel postage is 3.10 so...
  11. Steve Jones

    Rods & Reels

    Ta Jon, it was the two section jobbie I may be interested by thanks for the reply
  12. Steve Jones

    Rods & Reels

    Hi Jon, is the wychwood stalker a one or 2 section rod and which model is it please
  13. Steve Jones

    How to fish alongside Cray fish?

    Get some clear low temp shrink tube from rs electrical or similar or look up the thread on wooden balls on here and all will be revealed
  14. Steve Jones

    **wanted** original drennan super specialist short rod sleeves

    No probs, thanks for letting me know
  15. Steve Jones

    **wanted** original drennan super specialist short rod sleeves

    The short ones are perfick Mike, so if Julian doesn't come back to you pm me what you want for 3 of them Inc postage, then we'll half that and start again 😉