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Recent content by Steve Frost

  1. Steve Frost

    My new landing net

    You’ll brek it, or a certain Biggun will tread on it!.
  2. Steve Frost

    Absolutely barbaric.

    https://www.facebook.com/HuddersfieldExaminer/posts/1263842323721028 A water that has been totally ruined by trout fly anglers.
  3. Steve Frost

    Wanted Fox armour point.

    Morning gents. Annual request for any of the following Fox hooks SSBP size 10 and 9 barbed SSSP size 10 and 9 barbed These are the hooks that come in a little plastic box, sadly discontinued by Fox. Happy to pay the full retail price. Thanks
  4. Steve Frost

    Wanted Garry mills pin

    I have a pristine Kennet Perfection. 5/25 May be tempted to sell if the price is right. Steve.
  5. Steve Frost

    Harrison Chimera Avon Rod 11ft

    Hi Andy. What t/c would you say it's rated at? Thanks Steve.
  6. Steve Frost

    after a couple of books

    Hi Mathew I've an unread copy of A brush with the Avon. Actually forgot I had it. Pm us if interested. Thanks Steve.
  7. Steve Frost

    Preston Asaki Barbel specialist 1.75lb

    Chaps, Picked one of these rods a few weeks ago from EBay for a very pleasing price. Never seen one before, it has arrived today and I'm pleased with my purchase. Just wondered if any of you Chaps have any feedback on the rod?. Kind regards Steve.
  8. Steve Frost

    Albert Watkinson

    RIP Albert.
  9. Steve Frost

    Peregrine Heavy Water rod

    Can't comment on the Peregrine Heavy water rod. However this season I purchased a chimera 12ft 1,3/4 barbel rod. This has been used on numerous rivers from the Swale to fast-flowing deep swims on Trent and it has performed superbly. I know it is personal choice but I wouldn't swap it for a...
  10. Steve Frost

    LED Lenser H7r 2 Headtorch

    Hi Rob. Is this rechargeable? Thanks Steve.
  11. Steve Frost

    Fox Armour Point

    Fox Armour Point hooks Any of you good chaps have any SSBP and SSSP sizes 10 and 9, barbed surplus to requirements. Running low on stock. Kind regards Steve.
  12. Steve Frost

    zander help

    If you have a light jig rod stick a 3" illuminous green shad on. I've had many on during the day time on the Trent.
  13. Steve Frost

    Wanted - 10ft Harrison or Peregrine Stalking rod

    Biggest regret selling mine. Will probably re-order a new one imminently. Steve.
  14. Steve Frost


    If the fishery allows, livebait.
  15. Steve Frost


    Caught a very special fish other day. It's surprising what you can find just on your doorstep. 4.01