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  1. Stephen Pritchard

    Inflatable kayak

    Brand new sealed box. £170 Midlands Product description+ Sevylor Adventure Kit 2-Person Inflatable Canoe The Sevylor Adventure Kit 2-Person Inflatable Canoe features the very popular Adventure canoe, which is easy to transport and easy to paddle as well as a paddle and a convenient carry...
  2. Stephen Pritchard

    Wanted Ray Walton rolling pin

    I'm looking for a silver Ray Walton rolling pin. Thanks
  3. Stephen Pritchard

    A fishing chair that isnt really a chair but you can sit on it. And it carries stuff.

    I've been looking for the same kind of kit for years and still not found what I'm looking for. One time,I even thought about designing my own bit of kit and getting it made. I've had sleepless nights dreaming about flying to China on fishing chair business but only seem to get as far as the...
  4. Stephen Pritchard

    Bite alarrms

    It's all about bank credibility. Looking cool and in with the crowd is what it's all about. If I were to walk past you with a two quid bite alarm on top of the rod rest, I wouldn't give you the time of day. Get some delkims or Nash sirens and I'll be happy to say hello ;-)
  5. Stephen Pritchard

    Spicing up meat

    Leave it the way it is. Works a treat ;-)
  6. Stephen Pritchard

    bait apron

    ESP all the way.i also find the little elastic catapult holder very useful. Bait aprons went out of fashion in the early 90s ;)
  7. Stephen Pritchard

    Small Quiver

    Agree about the Korum, best quiver I've owned. I believe they have stopped making the two rod quiver and now only sell the three rod which I have. It makes little difference so still worth having.
  8. Stephen Pritchard

    Some rods to go

    Try that Ben.
  9. Stephen Pritchard

    Some rods to go

    I'll take the drennan rod please. Pm sent
  10. Stephen Pritchard

    Shimano 1000 size reel wanted

    Forgot to mention, It's the front drag spinning type I'm after. Thanks
  11. Stephen Pritchard

    Shimano 1000 size reel wanted

    Shimano reel wanted. Must be the small 1000 size. Thanks
  12. Stephen Pritchard

    Personal Digital Radios

    Remember that lovely evening we sat outside your bivvy and watched the Champions league Final on my 12v tv? Good night that was ;-)