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  1. Simon Archer

    Prolonged heat

    I don't generally fish much after the clocks go back for one reason or another. So my season is slowly ebbing away. Working outside in this heat also takes it's toll and by the time I'm home from work, sitting out in the heat fishing of an evening, is the last thing I want. As for decorating...
  2. Simon Archer

    Spare Spools and Their Absence.

    I'm still old school, and set my match rods up on the bank. Only my method and pellet waggler rods are left made up, and they only get used once or twice a year. They have TDMs on them. All my match reels and my three 5010 baitrunners use the same spools. I've got 17 spools altogether, ranging...
  3. Simon Archer

    New Member - West Wales

    I'm sorry I can't help you with the Wye or the Severn David, but welcome to the forum.
  4. Simon Archer

    Daiwa SS2600

    Just a heads up if anyone is interested. https://www.maggotdrowning.com/forums/threads/daiwa-whisker-ss2600-x-3.244143/
  5. Simon Archer

    Flavoured meat

    My mate only ever uses Scopex Squid when he fishes carp lakes, nothing else. He got Crayfished out at Linear using it. I was using a fishmeal bait and didn't suffer like he did. Not the same I know, just another viewpoint.
  6. Simon Archer

    If you....

    All of my tackle is from the turn of the century (Love that phrase) So it would be hard to choose any one of the single items I've had for a long while. But if I had to choose one, it would be my Daiwa Tournament 710 pole. Worthless nowadays, but cost over £5K when I bought it.
  7. Simon Archer

    Number of rods and reels

    17 rods. 13 reels. 2, 16m poles. 1, 8m pole, 4 whips.
  8. Simon Archer

    Trent Valley Angling.

    Yes, I believe it does, but only a small section , 10 or so pegs. I'm trying to get down there to have a look, but haven't been able to just yet. Hopefully next week.
  9. Simon Archer

    Prolonged heat

    43 degrees on the Unimog dash today, hottest we've ever seen. We've been cutting trees all day. Phew!!
  10. Simon Archer

    Help in the burton area...

    No day tickets as I know off Connor, although there is a section in Burton that residents of Burton can fish for free. Not sure where it is though. How about Coors AC ?? They control lots of water in Burton it's self. There's Swadlincote AC a little further downstream. You have Derby Railway AC...
  11. Simon Archer

    Prolonged heat

    Forecast is for 39 degrees here on Monday. That'll be nice for us outside in full dark Blue PPE overalls. Hope we aren't gloving on Monday, as that will be unbearable.
  12. Simon Archer

    Prolonged heat

    It's not worth arguing on the internet, no one ever changes their mind. My typing is crap and by the time I've replied to someone, someone else will have posted another reply, so mine becomes irrelevant. So I don't even bother to get involved. Are you on the Hunting Life forum, Clive ??
  13. Simon Archer

    Daiwa castizm br 25a or 25qd

    I bought one of these in the late 90's. Cost an arm and a leg and was worth more than my car at the time.
  14. Simon Archer

    Daiwa castizm br 25a or 25qd

    £450 for a 13' Aventus distance feeder rod and then your choice of reel. £385 for the Tournament feeder reel. Ouch!! Mind you, that pails into insignificance when you see the price of Daiwa's Tournament Basia carp reels. Them boys go to sleep with a lot of monies worth of kit outside. I'm still...
  15. Simon Archer

    Daiwa castizm br 25a or 25qd

    Those Tournament reels are something else, way too much money for me though. Although, if I was still on the match scene, I'd have to seriously consider them. A Daiwa/Guru long distance feeder set up could cost you close to £1K.