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    Looking for old BBC River Ure video - A Wild Yorkshire River 2006-07 Shorts

    Julian,Fished the upper Ure with Brian in the early 70's for Barbel, on what were fly/trout only waters,he had some good contacts and stayed in touch for a time .I am aware of the above and its contents, if I can help with any thing specific you are looking,for will try and help.
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    Naming stretches.

    Never a truer word spoken,have seen some great stretches ruined in the last couple of years,problem is its not only by the facebook instant brigade,some so called responsible anglers should know better.
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    Dave,will take both sets of floats if still available,cheers,Rob.
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    Boat hire on the trent

    Dead right Gav,but as we know its a growing problem and most of them don't give a chuff.
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    Sooo what did Santa bring you?

    New 1.75 TC Barbel rod Built by Chas Burns of York.This is the 5th rod plus numerous repairs and alterations that Chas has carried out for me,I have never been disappointed,the quality of his workmanship is stunning.
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    Braid advice and which knots to use?

    Hi Paul,If you don't already,try putting the eye of the hook/swivel on your tongue and pushing the line through (in the dark),doddle.
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    Bite Alarm recommendations request.

    Best alarm when Barbel fishing,is the sound of a cluch.If you cant stay awake,fish for something else.
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    dodgy things happening connecting to bfw?

    Same thing happening to me .
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    Pair of Harrison Torrix rods in 1.5lbs

    Have the same rods Marcin,as you say Torrix blanks,can't fault them.
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    Catch Cult 8

    Arrived safe and sound Martin,many thanks Rob.
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    Catch Cult 8

    Cheers Martin.
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    Catch Cult 8

    Not had mine yet ?
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    Tackle for sale

    Cheers Hurgen,great to deal with,many thanks,Rob.
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    Free (caveats) Wychwood single tip barbel rods 1.5lb, 1.75lb

    Had just about lost my faith in 'fellow anglers',due mainly to the facebook instants,however,it just shows, there are some proper blokes left,massive Darren.