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  1. Richard Barrett

    Dunham bridge Trent question.

    Phil. John. Well thanks for that you guys, I may even get once the season opens now.
  2. Richard Barrett

    Dunham bridge Trent question.

    Guys, that's so helpful and vey gracious of you. Actually I'm more interested in the Roach fishing than the barbel, a friend told me some better roach 1lb+ turn up on small boilies. Is upstream better for long trotting would you suggest?
  3. Richard Barrett

    Dunham bridge Trent question.

    Guys just wanted to ask about this area and the tides. Is it reasonably safe to fish this tidal beat please? Are there platform swims, or just cut out from the bank, I'm just getting a bit unsteady on my feet nowadays that's all, I have to take a bit of care. Is the bottom rocky like the rest of...
  4. Richard Barrett

    Mitchell Match 440A

    Mike. Old thread I know but, can you buy the chenille you need for the shallow Mitchell spools please?
  5. Richard Barrett

    Mitchell Match 440A

    The Match 440a with auto is the ultimate trotting reel in my humble view. Light shallow spool and the auto bail arm makes stick float fishing great fun, and the clutch is not too bad. Its not a reel for heavy feeder work like people do these days on the Trent or Wye. But as a float reel it has a...
  6. Richard Barrett

    Float fishing for Barbel

    Nearly all my barbel fishing is with a float. Normally (Drennan Acolyte plus) 6lb line to a 4.4lb hook-length, but that's just mostly with maggots and caster on small hooks. In summer I use a slightly stepped up rod (daiwa 15'0) with a Harrell Truncheon float 4 grams average. 8lb line 6lb hook...
  7. Richard Barrett

    Barbel book recommendation

    Please don't stone me but. I've found almost all books like you're talking about boring, sorry guys. But it's the obligatory first three chapters of tackle, bait, swim location that ruins a book for me. I know the author cannot help it, as he is appealing to a beginner and an old hand, but often...
  8. Richard Barrett

    Meat in or out?

    There is no doubt meat still catches a lot of Barbel and Chub. I just wondered if anyone fishes it in the bait anymore? When I float-fish I always fish it in the meat, that allows me to fish it along the bottom. It still gets caught up at times, but not as often as on a hair. I've never found a...
  9. Richard Barrett

    Fish you have seen that have blown you away but never caught

    Around 2016 I was fishing a place I go to in summer for tench and bream. The algae bloom had not come on yet and the water was gin clear. I was sat on a point that a gave me a height advantage over some deep water 9'/10'. A carp swam in about 3/4' down and I could see all of it for maybe 30...
  10. Richard Barrett

    Trent Roach.

    Just wondered if any kind sole would give me a heads up? I'd like to do some summer hemp and caster fishing for big roach, (if we ever get back) does anyone know of places on the Trent that throw up some better roach? I know most of us fish for barbel in the summer, but i do fancy a big roach to...
  11. Richard Barrett

    Trent MASSIVE bream

    I had a big one in 2017 this just touched 10lb.
  12. Richard Barrett

    Trent MASSIVE bream

    I had a big one in 2017 this just touched 10lb.
  13. Richard Barrett

    Ronnie rigs for barbel?

    Chris. I respect your view and situation. But I don't think having something on the line that's not required an edge, if thats what you're referring to? Plus when you lose it all, it has to be replaced at additional costs. Some places on the Trent require you to re-tackle several times in a...
  14. Richard Barrett

    Ronnie rigs for barbel?

    Love this buddy. With a flowing Trent, I expect a flick, flip, dip, pip, slick, slop, top rig would all work in one way to another. I'll stick to how the Match guys fish, but with just a touch more strength in my tackle, keeping it ultra simple like James Robbins uses, or Martin Bowler...
  15. Richard Barrett

    Recommendations for a flood water rod.

    A nice rod for barbel is the Daiwa Longbow 2.25lb floater special. While I honestly don't know what weight it would throw, but 4oz would be my estimate. The action is just sublime.