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    Pair Daiwa Black Widow 3500 Baitrunners New

    I have a pair of unused new daiwa 3500 baitrunners.. Only Time took out of the box was to spool up with 10lb gardner pro light blend and 13 lb fox adaptive camo on both reels.. when bought from my local tackle shop daiwa only supply the one spool the reel comes with , no spare... I sourced a...
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    Pair Free spirit Barbel Seekers SU

    Pair of Free Spirit Barbel seekers su.. ARE NOW SOLD
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    Veals of Bristol RIP

    Rumours were abound for the last couple of years that they were in trouble, their stock of rods and reels were diminishing, no new stuff coming through, freezers half empty etc you get the picture, and every time I went in there less and less people were about and one time I was the only one in...
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    Quiver and Tackle Boxes

    Forget that Andy, just realised it's a quiver, for some reason unknown to man I was thinking it was a rod sleeve!
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    Quiver and Tackle Boxes

    If you can post the quiver Andy i'll take it please..
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    Looks like fishing from this Wednesday

    ah, that should clarify it then..
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    Looks like fishing from this Wednesday

    I found Boris a bit vague tbh, I suppose if you want to go fishing with a mate it would be in separate cars, meet at venue and keep social distancing.. wish it would be clarified a bit more about what you can and can't do, hopefully that will come in the next day or two.. providing fishing clubs...
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    Fishzone firepool 12ft power feeder rods x 2 new

    I have pair of Fishzone 12ft 2 piece power feeder rods I no longer need.. Bought as new from bankrupt stock and I've never used them in anger. put a reel on and tried the actions out in the garden and was surprised how pretty good they were,, screw down reel seats, 2 carbon tips, no markings on...
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    1 rod hold-all

    These are Good. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Greys-NEW-Coarse-Fishing-Prodigy-1-Rod-Ready-Rod-Holdall/232430468795?epid=18011370713&hash=item361def7ebb:g:qF8AAOSw9fNZfybD
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    Chub Bait and Bits Bag-New

    No worries, cheers Dave...
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    Chub Bait and Bits Bag-New

    Long shot but Just wondering if you still had this Dave?
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    Shimano 4000 dl baitrunner ++++ SOLD+++++

    New 4000 dl baitrunner, spooled up 6lb line on main spool, spare spool still empty, and it's been sat indoors ever since, obviously still as new.. NOW SOLD