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Recent content by Jason Bean

  1. J

    Sundridge hot foot liner replacement options?

    I would say the new sundridge/daiwa boots and waders are a lot lighter than the old ones and i've found them as warm
  2. J

    So what has changed?

    its not looking good, I honestly do not think the EA have a grip of what's going on with rivers now. it looks like the new government once out of the EU will dilute regulations and standards, the EA cant even stick to the current ones and enforce them. so as I say little hope.
  3. J

    Drennan Martin Bowler 12ft 2.25lb t/c Barbel rods

    my mate as one that he uses for piking, broom handle springs to mind
  4. J

    Dead Cow weights

    I think they have a kilo weight limit on the small items, may be worth trying 9 in the basket or do 2 orders
  5. J

    Dead Cow weights

    £2.50 small items not bad?
  6. J

    Free Spirit Hi S Barbel Rods, 12ft 2lb, Full Cork Handle

    I see benwicks are stocking the whole range of free spirits.
  7. J

    Dead Cow weights

    I had the last 4 and 5oz off them last week https://www.benwick-sports.co.uk/weights/3081-anchor-feeder-weights-dead-cow.html https://www.benwick-sports.co.uk/weights/8017-black-cap-add-on-weights.html
  8. J

    Feeling the strain....Barrows

    Yep, all you need as long as you don’t overload it
  9. J

    Anti Tangle sleeves

    Bank tackle on ebay are always worth a look for bits and bobs
  10. J

    National team funding

    do you support a new tax on anglers to support the national teams though Joe?
  11. J

    D handle or other options.

    Nah...egg shaped handles are terrible.shimano 5500xtd's are more suited to the Trent....and has it happens I have some for sale😀👍
  12. J

    National team funding

    I'm not impressed with the idea..what about you guy's?
  13. J

    National team funding

  14. J

    Feeling the strain....Barrows

    I've got a jrc barrow you can have if your interested, I reckon it's 2 years old, like new and it will be under £60. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/jrc-contact-barrow
  15. J

    Channel 4 news

    You know what Mark, if you told me 15 years ago rivers were going to be abused like they are now I would never have believed you. I really can't believe what's happening. The angling trust us toothless to stand up to this which is not they're fault. Wildlife trust just don't get it, why don't...