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    wanted chub carp transporter barrow 2000 / 2005 model

    Wanted chub carp transporter barrow 2000/2005 model
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    Tench 2016 - 2018 and counting ......

    carp overstocking totally agree crucians are better alternative totally , as they do not grow as big not threat to other species . tench facts tench thrive in clear weedy water good quality water take away the weed you take away the tench . the facts 1. too many carp will colour the water...
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    Tench 2016 - 2018 and counting ......

    tench are there any decent tench waters left , with every one overstocking with carp !! I only no couple local to me. carp are a real threat to native tench waters in the same way as otters are a threat to barbel numbers . I have asked the EA to restrict carp number consent stockings to...
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    wanted shakespeare cypry dome 2 man

    wanted the above if any one has one many thanks
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    How to Avoid Losing Feeders ?

    lose less leads the plastercine I new it as kid now called newplast on net for £1.50 for 500gram block completely encase mould lead in it when fishing near rocks comes in any colour you want hope this helps:)
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    How to Avoid Losing Feeders ?

    mould plasercine around lead mould plastercine around lead when snagged normally pulls free off the plastercine worth a try an very cheap to buy still use with snag safe lead clips . plasercine does work amongst rocks give it a go:)