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  1. Gerry Giles

    PVA mesh

    I like the hard to get hold of SLOW MELT mesh https://www.pvadirect.com/product-category/pva-mesh/slow-melt-micro-mesh/
  2. Gerry Giles

    Thames 50

    Also no mention of the one of the real reasons EU bank gypsies ?? ( gangs of them now live on the banks of the Thames) that trap and eat them ? they have even been found in Hyde park with a fire and a sack with dead swans plucked about to be cooked these people are from a country where its...
  3. Gerry Giles


    I think they are more commonly called dumbell`s as Ive never heard them described as barrels ?
  4. Gerry Giles

    Thames 50

    its not just facebook its all the lot twitter etc
  5. Gerry Giles

    Thames 50

    After Nick caught it !! it was then caught at least twice possibly 3 times by people that dont need their egos massaged ! or earn their living catching and writing about fish ...........................and at this time of the year maybe the stress of it all was too much when a big old fish...
  6. Gerry Giles

    winter fishing suit

    I have tried lots over the years and if you want something thats superb ??? I would check out the PROLOGICComfort Thermo Suit
  7. Gerry Giles

    Tethered Fish

    I am an ex carp angler and regarding damage caused by hooks .........there are now very few water both here and Europe that have a barbless hook rule as its been found a micro barbed hook cause far less damage full stop you must remember we are talking fish costing £700 to many many thousands...
  8. Gerry Giles


    I thought I would mention this as it may help some one like me lol I bought a as new FOX SPECIALIST BROLLY :cool: when I put it up in my garden its like new bigsmile ! BUT !!!! when I came to collapse it ? I could not see any button to press and I just could not work out how it could fold up...
  9. Gerry Giles

    Trail Camera Advice

    it is m8 take a look at all the customer reviews on there also there are a few video clips on youtube
  10. Gerry Giles

    Trail Camera Advice

    I got one that really works well BEWARE there is an earlier version with a single sensor as can be seen under the lens its cheaper but not as good as the new 3 sensor one the Three sensors on the camera. Two on either side and one in the middle. here...
  11. Gerry Giles

    in the market for a new shelter ?

    IM Oh I see :) funny enough Im just negotiating buying a secondhand FOX SPECIALIST BROLLY to do same sort of thing
  12. Gerry Giles

    BBC1 Countryfile 19.00 !

    well worth watching lincolnshire ....>Ellie also sees how eels are being used to combat the threat from invasive signal crayfish
  13. Gerry Giles

    in the market for a new shelter ?

    wow 3 days ? how on earth did you sleep ?
  14. Gerry Giles

    Trakker bivvy broken parts HELP

    you could try Phoning Trakker 01142 727783 looking at the pictures that looks like a Pioneer block ?? think you may struggle
  15. Gerry Giles

    in the market for a new shelter ?

    Thats great news Paul and a sounds like the perfect lightweight alternative to a normal brolley :cool: