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  1. Gary Wagstaff

    Favourite River Report

    there avatar was a picture of me hold a box .most of the lads have move off and are fishing else were or only going a few times a season to the ribble .we used to meet up and fish 3 or 4 times a week throught the season eat pies talk rubbish the fishing was always last.
  2. Gary Wagstaff

    Looks like fishing from this Wednesday

    whitmore up our end are avertising match
  3. Gary Wagstaff

    Angling Trust

    she is ok at the moment thanks for asking.seen you mate arky a few weeks ago was in good form and gave him some leads .hope your well intend fishing ribble a few more times this season .will still be going down to dove most weekend when and if we get the nod to start
  4. Gary Wagstaff

    Angling Trust

    just an update wife is now positive for cov19 today had the test yesterday ,over half of the staff on the ward have got or had cov19 . i now have to isolate for 14 days but she could be back in work for her night shift next thursday but i will still be isolation work that one out.i have been...
  5. Gary Wagstaff

    Angling Trust

    sorry if i got you post wrong Andy Mclachlan did not want to upset anyone on this great site . update on the staff on the wifes ward 2 more tested positive today thats a total of 6 staff on one ward in the last 2 weeks ,they have about 25 staff on the ward so nearly a quater of the staff have...
  6. Gary Wagstaff

    Angling Trust

    how can anyone like this post .another fish at all cost post angler .send us you measurements i will order you a coffin sorry if this offends anyone but the wife just come home from 2 night shifts at the local hospital on a covoid ward says its like a war zone people knowing they are going to...
  7. Gary Wagstaff

    in the market for a new shelter ?

    i have the cyprinus compact which is the same bivvy camo one with wrap .will ring you tonight
  8. Gary Wagstaff

    new reels

    thanks for the advice sold my 3 3500bs struggled to get to the far bank of the ribble on the 6000d for the ribble and dove and have a 6000c which i have never used.have looked at the okuma inception 6000 .will have a look at the penns . keep the suggestions coming thanks for taking the time to...
  9. Gary Wagstaff

    new reels

    nothing much but not happy with the clutch system like a front drag.
  10. Gary Wagstaff

    new reels

    looking for a pair of reels to replace my shimano 8000 xtea to match up to my korum 2.5tc 13 ft rods for the trent and flood fishing on the ribble. not looking to spend the earth as only use these rods 5 or 6 times a year thanks Gaz
  11. Gary Wagstaff

    ribble barbel

    What club tickets do you have and sections you want to fish or are you day ticket fishingwill get you a better response .as you may see this season the number of anglers that put reports on the ribble page has fallen
  12. Gary Wagstaff

    2 rod sleeve offering full rod protection?

    ok if your 6 foot plus if your on the short side dont buy top fixing on strap to high .nash two rod is a good alternative
  13. Gary Wagstaff

    Recommendations for a flood water rod.

    korum great rods have a look at harrison chimera 3 would be ideal 12 foot plenty of stopping power and will handle any lead you will need on your river or harrison snag and flood 11ft 6in have all 3 rods snag and flood my favourite will do the same as chimiera 3 just keeps on bending plenty of...
  14. Gary Wagstaff

    Recommendation for a 13ft Barbel rod for floodwater

    great rods have a pair rate them a goods a chimera 3 which i do not use now
  15. Gary Wagstaff

    Double rod sleeve

    very heavy