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  1. Gary Cream

    Midi Spoppers

    Hello Eddie If you have a list please add me as I would like one as well Thanks Gary
  2. Gary Cream

    Floating retainer

    Just a word of warning on Zip sack/retainers which you probably are all aware of but thought no harm mentioning here If its zipped up and floats away or fish swims away still in sack then the fish is trapped .....................sounds obvious but has happened on various carp waters with zipped...
  3. Gary Cream

    Christmas greetings.

    Merry Christmas everyone and agree my favourite fishing forum.....infact my only one now Gary
  4. Gary Cream

    Photos of river scenes

    Here`s a few more I found I first fished Dobbs Weir when I was about 6 year sold with my Dad we used to stay in a caravan site on the opposite side of the weir across the road. Barbel wasn`t the target then we fished for anything. I was their about 7 years ago and was told the caravan site was...
  5. Gary Cream

    Xmas Quiz

    They used to use them on swing tips as well as said its too change with out breaking line down.........................something I haven't seen for a long time Swing tips were always a pain to cast with but once out used to give good indication.....................we always used to use a bit of...
  6. Gary Cream

    Barbel Seeker advice please

    These were the ones I was thinking of as I missed out on buying them :) 2 x 12' 'Free Spirit Stepped-Up' barbel rods https://barbel.co.uk/forum/threads/2-x-12-free-spirit-stepped-up-barbel-rods-1-75lb-tc.6655/
  7. Gary Cream

    Barbel Seeker advice please

    Hello Graham The early seekers had a burgundy blank with cork and duplon then changed to a grey blank with all duplon ......not that it matters really as both great rods I think they did a 1.5tc and a 1.75tc which was called a stepped up version. Is there any writing on the blank ? Gary
  8. Gary Cream

    Photos of river scenes

    Heres 2 Thames ones....something about a weir on the Thames
  9. Gary Cream

    Photos of river scenes

    One of my favourite pictures I took a few years ago now I dont actually fish this area but looks very nice
  10. Gary Cream

    Work parties

    Hello Mark Long time no speak hope you are well The clubs im in ask members to do 2 work parties a year both to be done in the closed season. The dates of which are issued on the renewal form which needs to be signed at the work parties by a committee member to ensure you attended. Only one...
  11. Gary Cream

    Old school sheakspear reels

    Hello Stu I would keep your eye on ebay and look for an okoma or a more well known proven model rather than this reel Any Youngs maybe a rapidex or trudex are good They are best if they dont wobble but a little wobble is still ok for most fishing GaryC
  12. Gary Cream

    Night fishing on Wye

    Hello Carey Im not an expert on the Wye but I have fished it quite a lot and a few different stretches but no where near as many as some of the guys on here. In general I think most people don`t night fish the Wye for a few reasons 1, As you found out most day ticket stretches are just...
  13. Gary Cream

    So 10 years of not barbel fishing....what have I missed ?

    So 10 years of not barbel fishing....what have I missed ? The majority of all the barbel they seem to have been disappearing steadily since 2007 :-( on the plus side small silver fish seem to be coming back :-)
  14. Gary Cream

    Tony Miles

    As I said on a thread not too long ago I take a deep breath now when I see a post with someones name on and again its sad news I read probably all of Tonys books on barbel and other species I really enjoyed his writing and descriptions of his fishing. My condolences to his family. RIP...
  15. Gary Cream

    John Cook

    I take a deep breath now when I see a post with someones name on I didnt know John but really enjoyed his posts this season on the Loddon catching them during the day as well. My condolences to his family. RIP John