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  1. David Potter

    Club Memberships...how many?

    Well that's got me thinking ! 1 Carp Syndicate Ticket (Impulsive Purchase) 1 Tench Ticket (They do have other waters but never fished them) 2 Warwickshire Avon Tickets 1 BAA Ticket (Never Use) So that's 5, it use to be 9 but given up all my Wye and Arrow Tickets
  2. David Potter

    Wanted Wychwood Maximiser 13ft twin tip

    Very strange its had been on ebay for a few days with seemingly no interest !!! ??? Very rare and never been used !!!! I've just snapped it up for £80 I now have a pair of them Thanks
  3. David Potter

    Aldi Fishing Gear

    Been down to Aldi today and had a look and came away with the Green Fishing Holdall / bag which for £12.99 is a no brainer perfect for roving around, light and loads of space. Now the Green Neoprene Boots,tried a pair on to my surprise they were immediately very comfortable but very heavy...
  4. David Potter

    Opinions on otters survey ....

  5. David Potter

    Warwickshire Avon barbel

    The Roach fishing on our bit of WA is taking precedence over the Barbel at the moment and there have been some very good catches of them in certain swims ! Graham was fishing with me last Friday and he was bashing out the Roach whilst i was blanking on the Barbel ! We have plenty of pictures on...
  6. David Potter

    Whats best recent bit of tackle you have bought ?

    Just what I've been looking for ! Two for under £6 Thanks Paul
  7. David Potter

    Drennan Acolyte plus 13ft....powerful enough for barbel?

    Graham, I have a Acolyte Plus 15' which i bought for float fishing in deep deep water for Tench,haven't used it yet but you can run 6lb line through it... so it says ! You can have a waggle with it next time i see you on the bank ! Dave
  8. David Potter

    Anyone got the Tench rods out yet?

    Always have a few days on there Mark early season its nice to get a bend in the float rod, yeah the fish are definitely getting bigger out of the 13 fish 10 were decent a couple pushing 5ish ( How big have you had them ?) had the lake to myself and they were still feeding when i left at 2 PM
  9. David Potter

    Anyone got the Tench rods out yet?

    Was out on Sunday at Lemington Lakes had 13 tench up to 4lbs plus on Casters / Worm all on the float.
  10. David Potter

    Clip on polaroids

    I have been using these for a few seasons and they are available in Amber Or Grey lenses http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DAIWA-PRO-CLIP-N-FLIP-SUNGLASSES-2-STYLES-AMBER-OR-GREY-LENS-DPROCFL1-CLIP-ON-/182120284522?var=&hash=item2a6737016a:m:mZvUHuWMwT2V2-vs-4QSYgw
  11. David Potter

    Tench 2016 - 2018 and counting ......

    Hi Guys, Thinking of buying a Drennan Acolyte 15ft Plus for Tench on the Float as my Drennan Tench at 12'9 struggles a bit in the deep water i fish ! Anybody use one ? Dave
  12. David Potter


    I have ordered some different hooks as you guys have recommended and will try them out on my next visit and see if they make any difference. I do foul hook some of the average size fish and usually land them also some nice Trout fairly hooked that stay on despite their aerobatics ! Maybe most...
  13. David Potter


    Yes i was wondering about the action of the rod ! I'm using a 14ft Drennan Acolyte Ultra which i thought would be perfect ? These fish are in quite fast water and maybe i need to be a bit more forceful with them as they seem to come off quite quickly ?