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Recent content by Dave Quinn

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    Channel 4 news

    Very interesting and very sad
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    Aldi Fishing Gear

    I don’t suffer from cold feet but when I’m fishing in cold temperatures I wear a thin pair of merino wool socks and some thermal socks and I’m normally ok. For longer sessions in colder temperatures I wear goretex-lines leather walking boots with wool socks but still get gold feet
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    Aldi Fishing Gear

    I’m not sure if they design of the wellies has changed but I’ve had mine for years and had a lot of usage with no sign of them giving up Also got two sets of the bib and braces which I can’t fault
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    Float Rod

    That would be ideal and at a very good price. If I didn’t have too many trotting rods that I don’t use I’d have it off you Jon.
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    Merry Xmas to all BFWers

    Merry Christmas to a great bunch of guys, and best wishes for the New Year
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    Nash Indulgence Camo Ultra Lite Chair V2 NEW Carp Fishing

    Great, comfortable, light chair at a very good price
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    Cadence #4 feeder 13ft 8"

    I can’t get anywhere near 100m without using braid that I’ll always use a shockleader with, certainly not .30mm mono, but I’m not a great caster. I haven’t tried using the hi tec low diameter monos for anything over 50m but I would be too worried about crack offs or wrap arounds to use them...
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    Cadence #4 feeder 13ft 8"

    That means you can’t use a shockleader and knot so I don’t know how the rod can be classed as a long distance feeder rod or be used with heavy feeders
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    2 rod sleeve offering full rod protection?

    They seem to be doing a lot of good stuff at a good price the moment. I bought one of their shelters recently and it’s done me really well in high winds and rain
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    Eric's angling

    Not saying it’s going to happen but if they become so dominant in the market there’s nothing to stop AD from driving the profit margins of some of the manufacturers down so low that the business is no longer viable and then buying them out.
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    Double post
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    I’ve been asking myself the same question recently when moving a load of gear and lots of groundbait long distances for big bream. I have two different conditions which can be made worse after a lot of heavy lifting. I have a nash peg one chair with wheels attached to it which is heavy itself...
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    New Chair

    I bought the Nash a couple of weeks ago after trying a few of the lightweight chairs in the shop. It was the most comfortable and it’s been comfy when I’ve used it on two long days since. Not cheap though
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    Thanks. I’d spent a bit of time sussing it out but it was only my second time fishing it. I had absolutely no expectations because of the bright clear conditions and northerly wind. Definitely a day to remember