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Recent content by Andy Frances

  1. Andy Frances

    Welcome to a new Wye advertiser

    Welcome to our latest advertiser in the Barbel Accommodation guide. The Doves Nest have a new listing under the Wye section of the page that you can see here: https://barbel.co.uk/barbel-directory/barbel-accommodation/#wye Please mention BFW when booking with any of our advertisers :)
  2. Andy Frances

    New rod listed - Torrix 1.75lb in 11ft

    Yes - that's correct Steve. Many thanks for the order. Andy
  3. Andy Frances

    Harrison Chimera 3 rods? Alternatives?

    Would the heavier Torrix rods be contenders for you Marcus? My mate built me a 2.5lb Torrix for Christmas but I've not used it yet. Has anyone else used the heavier Torrix for flood water barbel fishing? Cheers, Andy
  4. Andy Frances

    Braid hook length.

    I've been using this after someone (Hatter?) recommended it: https://barbel.co.uk/product/gardner-ultra-skin/ It's my preferred option these days...
  5. Andy Frances

    New rod listed - Torrix 1.75lb in 11ft

    Hi @Huanzhou Zhu , It's definitely on there though I've just cleared the website cache in case that was causing a problem. Here's a direct link: https://barbel.co.uk/product/bfw-torrix-1-75lb-tc-11ft-10/ Cheers, Andy
  6. Andy Frances

    New rod listed - Torrix 1.75lb in 11ft

    Hi all, We've sold a few stock rods recently so I've just listed a freshly build 11' Torrix in the BFW Shop.... https://barbel.co.uk/bfw-rods/ Cheers, Andy
  7. Andy Frances

    Spoppers in stock

    I now have another 15 Spoppers in stock 12 black, 3 red... https://barbel.co.uk/product/spopper/ Cheers, Andy
  8. Andy Frances

    New River Records

    Hi all, I've just updated the river records list with two new records, one for the Yorkshire Derwent and one the Yorkshire Ouse: https://barbel.co.uk/rivers/barbel-river-records/ Cheers, Andy F
  9. Andy Frances

    New pb!

    What a clonker Chris - many congratulations on the new PB!!
  10. Andy Frances

    Spoppers in stock

    Fresh Spoppers in stock - red and white...
  11. Andy Frances

    Gone Fishing is back

    I've always been a huge fan of twaddle!!
  12. Andy Frances

    Gone Fishing is back

    Hi all, I’ve just seen that Paul and Bob are back with a new series of the fantastic Gone Fishing, starting on Sunday evening at 8pm on BBC 2 😀 #andaway Cheers, Andy
  13. Andy Frances

    Spoppers in stock

    I now have a fresh batch of Spoppers in stock for anyone that is waiting for them...
  14. Andy Frances

    One rod

    BFW I-Power 2lb Obvs 😀
  15. Andy Frances


    It’s late, but when I’m in front of my laptop in the morning, I’ll be withdrawing the membership privileges of some ‘members’. Facebook is that < way 😉