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  1. Andy Bebbington

    custom rod

    rang him he`s not taking any more orders and as for Roger just found him a bit rude considering i was a potential customer you would think he would learn to speak to people properly and maybe i would be spending my hard earned money with him.:rolleyes:
  2. Andy Bebbington

    custom rod

    thanks for the offer jo but looking for something personal to me.
  3. Andy Bebbington

    custom rod

    Thanks rich great reply and offer if only i was closer.
  4. Andy Bebbington

    custom rod

    can`t find anywhere or anyone to look at any Jon
  5. Andy Bebbington

    custom rod

    Hi Rich i would love to have a feel of a few rods to see which one i like but can`t find anyone near me who has any. thanks for reply`s so far guys lots to think about.
  6. Andy Bebbington

    custom rod

    I spoke to roger last week and i`m sorry to say but the guy comes across as rude so will not be spending my money there.
  7. Andy Bebbington

    custom rod

    Looking to get a custom rod built and not sure which blank to choose, I`m currently using a Drennan power Barbel which is 12ft 1.75 but was maybe looking at going down to 11ft as the Bristol Avon i fish can have quite tight swims. I prefer a through action rod with plenty of power in the butt...
  8. Andy Bebbington

    Korum Neoteric twin tip rods for sale

    I have two butt sections one the reel seat needs attention but works fine and two top sections 1.75 & 2.2 apart from the reel seat the rods are in very good condition. would prefer pick up or arrange collection yourself. £100
  9. Andy Bebbington

    Split Cane rods

    still got my dads old cane rod at home somewhere, remember him letting me cast it as a young lad.
  10. Andy Bebbington

    Smaller Shimano Baitrunner. Like 5010? What's used these days??

    got one of these looks and feels good so far. https://barbel.co.uk/forum/threads/reel-advice.16821/post-244634
  11. Andy Bebbington

    Digital Scales

    still using my Avons had them 20 odd years just need to catch a fish to use them😁🤣
  12. Andy Bebbington

    Reel advice

    I like to use the reel for chub and barbel hence two spools one for 6lb line the other for 10lb line.
  13. Andy Bebbington

    Reel advice

    just got myself one of these £65.00 only down side is no spare spool.
  14. Andy Bebbington

    River Chew (Keynsham AA Waters)

    my old man worked there Bob used to feed very large carp on one of the warm water otulets on there break.