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Recent content by Andy Bebbington

  1. Andy Bebbington

    Flask recs please

    still using my stainless steel coleman flask i got 20 years ago and works fine.
  2. Andy Bebbington

    Waterproof Recommendations

    Never had any problems with my gortex gear always kept me dry.
  3. Andy Bebbington

    Rega Elicit-R Amplifier

    Reduced to £900 😲
  4. Andy Bebbington

    Whats your PB?

    Bristol Avon 15lb-8oz a few years ago now.
  5. Andy Bebbington

    2 x new i-powers listed in the BFW shop

    Your right there great rods no disagreement on that part at all. And i suppose something is only worth what your willing to pay for it.
  6. Andy Bebbington

    2 x new i-powers listed in the BFW shop

    opinions were all entitled to them 😁 happy days. was just thinking about this what do i know not a lot 🤣
  7. Andy Bebbington

    2 x new i-powers listed in the BFW shop

    must agree bit over priced :rolleyes:😮
  8. Andy Bebbington

    Rega Elicit-R Amplifier

    Thank you and i think it is 😁
  9. Andy Bebbington

    Rega Elicit-R Amplifier

    high end amp for sale purchased march 21 cost me £1750 selling for £1000 boxed in mint condition. collection only TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Power Output 105 W per channel into 8 Ω 127 W per channel into 6 Ω Input Sensitivity 105 W into 8 Ω Line Inputs (Input 1 switch set to line) 196 mV load...
  10. Andy Bebbington

    1.75 vs 2lb 11ft Torrix

    I have a 11ft 1.75 Torrix built by Bob and i must say its a lovely rod but if i could only catch something bigger than 4lb 🤣 😂
  11. Andy Bebbington

    Whipped Tip

    broke the isotope on my rod bob hit it against a tree branch but was nice while it lasted 😁
  12. Andy Bebbington

    Wye update

    sorry to hear that paul very sad indeed, come to the bristol avon and you wont get 27 fish in 5 years fishing mate its dead just like a lot of other rivers.
  13. Andy Bebbington


    loosing my motivation for fishing full stop the last 5 times i have been not even a tap on the rod top, fished fast, med and deep water as well as small baits big baits all sorts of baits not a touch. seriously thinking of nocking it all on the head. the bristol avon is dead. :(😢
  14. Andy Bebbington

    Photos of river scenes

    Bridge pool on the Avon