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  1. Alex Constantinou

    Canal Carp Advice

    How do mate, apologies for the late reply as I've only just seen the thread. I pretty much exclusively fish for carp on canals when targeting them so I may be able to offer some advice. First port of call is to get the polarised glasses out and go for a walk/bike ride and try to locate some...
  2. Alex Constantinou

    Anyone use sonik reels

    This is another vote for the Okuma FD60. I have two paired up with my 10ft rods for canal carp work. They are fantastic bits of kit for their price point. I'm a big Okuma fan anyway but these are excellent performance wise and a bit of a head turner in the style department.
  3. Alex Constantinou

    Pssstt wanna see a Proper BIG CARP ?

    Fair play to him, it's not my thing but each to their own. I'm not adverse to a bit of carp fishing but for me it's canals and rivers rather than stocked waters persay. I find the whole carp scene far too commercialised and I'm not interested in fish with names but as others have pointed out...
  4. Alex Constantinou

    Introducing loose feed?

    My baiting approach varies massively from venue to venue. It can range from a few broken boilies over a large area to a bed of hemp & pellet via a bait dropper. In very general terms if I'm fishing a small venue with low stock I like to lightly bait a few swims by hand and rove between them, if...
  5. Alex Constantinou

    Iron bridge day tickets help

    I used to fish the park stretch before it got taken over and it was never busy. That being said the reason I've not been back is that I don't think the fishing matches the price if I'm honest, there are fish there to be had but it isn't exactly prolific and I favour other venues. I used to...
  6. Alex Constantinou

    Iron bridge day tickets help

    The stretch by Dale end park is day ticket as far as I'm aware, there was talk about it becoming a syndicate but I'm not sure if this happened. The Brewery Inn has a day ticket stretch in Coalport.
  7. Alex Constantinou

    What main Line are people using

    Diawa tournament st, it's not to everyone's liking but it's never let me down.
  8. Alex Constantinou

    Upper Trent Info

    I seem to get it everywhere I go these days. The Severn, Anker, tame, Avon and trent, the sooner the temperatures drop the better! I was speaking to a couple of mates and they've said it's the same when they've been out.
  9. Alex Constantinou

    Upper Trent Info

    Not seen any signs or any indication of peg management suggesting a club is looking after it. I'll treat it as you said until told otherwise. I've been down today to run a float through and have a look but the rivers ridiculously low and the swimmers are a nightmare!
  10. Alex Constantinou

    Upper Trent Info

    Hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me. Does anyone have any idea who controls the water below the weir at Alrewas at all? I fancy giving it a proper go but all I'm getting is conflicting information as nobody I've asked has a clue what's going on with it.
  11. Alex Constantinou

    No more barbel no more carp

    I wholeheartedly agree with this, I've not been back to Cyprus for what feels like a lifetime. I should probably rectify this, visit some family and get some fishing in. There's some great Zander sport to be had in the Lefkara and a few other dam's around Larnaca.
  12. Alex Constantinou

    No more barbel no more carp

    They're good fun, personally I prefer them to pike when out on lures. The fact that there's numerous localish canals full of them also makes life easier if I've only got an hour or so spare.
  13. Alex Constantinou

    Hooklength/ Hair- rig storage

    I use a nail tower I got from a pound shop and a bit of foam scaffold protector. All in all it probably cost about £2 and is more than up to the job.
  14. Alex Constantinou

    No more barbel no more carp

    I fish for everything except those horrible snake like bait thieves. I'd probably spend my time after roach, chub, perch and tench. Throw some Zander in the mix now and again and it doesn't look so bleak.
  15. Alex Constantinou

    Are Barbel the "new"carp ?

    I don't have an issue with feeder fishing or alarms persay. However, there's no denying that float fishing or freelining for barbel is at the bottom of most people's list. Time and again I've seen folk using methods wholly inappropriate for the conditions because they don't know any different...