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exclusively for bfw barbel rods


In addition to the classic bfw barbel rod range, we offer a unique collection of custom options that you can add to your rod to make it that bit more personal and special! If you would like to have a chat about a new bfw rod build including any of the options below, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Hard Wood Handles & Accessories from £25.00

As part of our ever expanding list of special custom options, you may now opt to have parts of your rod i.e. abbreviated handle or butt cap built from an exotic hard wood!

Each wood is very different in its appearance, density and more importantly weight, therefore each request or specification for a handle or a rod part using an exotic hard wood would need to be discussed in finer detail with us. Here are some examples of handles and parts that we have built to date:

  • Abbreviated wooden handle
  • Wooden butt cap
  • Wooden reel seat conversion
  • Wood and cork combo abbreviated handle

Please do not hesitate to call us on 01249 782126 if you would like to discuss an idea you have.


The picture below is an example of an abbreviated handle (in build stage) using Central American Cocobolo rosewood and a KDPS reel seat.


Picture below of an abbreviated cork handle with a cocobolo butt cap and stainless steel button.

Hard wood butt caps from £10.00


Fusion Handles from £25.00

A fusion of exotic hard wood and cork for an extra special handle!

Example below is of a full cork handle, IPS DU6 reel seat (with a cork conversion on the foregrip) and a fusion of cocobolo rose wood collars.

Currently all stocks of bfw hardwoods are from old stock and are at least 20 years old. It is our intention to purchase any future woods from environmentally friendly or sustainable managed sources where possible.


Photos £15.00

A unique and exclusive and very personal option available only to bfw rod customers!

As well as being able to place logos and graphics on the bfw rods (scroll down the page to view examples), we now have the technology and equipment to produce a miniature photo of your choice (i.e. your partner, children, pets, wildlife) in a way that can be strategically placed onto your new bfw rod wherever you choose - see the examples below:

bfw i-power with photo of Claire and Ollie the dog!



Close up of photo shown on the left:

Example of a photo of a Kingfisher on a bfw i-power:

The photos are sealed with flex coat to protect from scratches and prevent them from fading.

If you have an an image in a photo that you would like to use but you would like it edited i.e. remove a background or cropped to remove part of the image, please send it to us via email or post with an explanation of exactly what you would like and we will do all the work for you!

We will edit and scale down your photo and send you a sample via email or post for your approval before placing it on the rod.

A bfw stalker with a
custom designed logo:




Painted Tips £8.00 per tip

You may choose to have any comination of just white , fluorescent orange or fluorescent yellow added to the tips of your rod in varying lengths and measurements of your choice - see examples below.

If you enjoy night fishing then this addition to your rod will help you see the tip of the rod in darkness.


Example above: White only painted tip from tip ring to first ring down.

Example above: White only painted tip from tip ring to second ring down.

Example above: Combination of flourescent yellow and white painted tip in between tip ring and first ring.


Example above: Flourescent orange and white painted tip together with a bfw Isoblob - The perfect combination for a night session. (Isoblobs are an additional cost)



Bob Gill's very own 'unique' hand crafted design of a built in isotope! Exclusive to bfw!

The Isoblob is our biggest seller with 90% of all new bfw rods being built with them!

The Isoblob is a permanent feature that is moulded around the tip ring and lies flush with the tip of the rod, thus preventing the line tangling around the rod tip as with some conventional night light adaptors.

Photo above is of Isoblobs with white painted tips.

Different coloured Isoblobs are available on request. Available in sizes small (3mm x 15mm) and large (4mm x 20mm) .


(4mm x 20mm)



(3mm x 15mm)



Isogrip £12.00

Another of Bob Gill's unique custom options that is exclusive to bfw! An isotope carefully fixed into the handle or reel seat of your rod enabling you to see where to 'grab' during those night fishing bites!


IPS reel seat with cork conversion 'screw down' fore grip with Isogrip


KDPS reel seat with Isogrip





Different Coloured Whippings £10.00

You may choose to have any different coloured main whippings instead of the standard black.


Different Coloured Tippets to Whippings

You may choose to have whipping tippets of a different colour including metallic. Examples below of metallic blue, red and purple gold and gunmetal.




Matt Blank from £15.00

Most bfw rod blanks that are made for us by Harrison's have a gloss finish. You may however choose to have a matt finish to the blank which Bob perfects in his workshop as shown in the photos below:

bfw torrix rod with a matt finish to the blank.



IPS DU6 Reel Seat £12.00

This is a reel seat designed with a screw down action as opposed to a screw up action on standard Fuji reel seats.


Another available option is to fit an IPS reel seat to a full cork handle where the fore grip and/or rear grip is converted to cork as in the image below:

Fore Grip Conversion £10.00

Rear Grip Conversion £10.00

(prices above are not inclusive of reel seat)


KDPS Reel Seat £10.00 (black and silver)

KDPS reel seat shown below with black & silver.



Cut down reel seat £5.00

We can also cut down reel seats to fit into the handle of your choice and add that extra personalised touch. For example the diagram below shows a cut down DNPS reel seat used on a full cork handle.

Various alternative reel seats of your choice and modifications to reel seats can be fitted at a small cost. For example real seats with silver hoods or gunsmoke hoods can be chosen instead of the standard black shown in the picture above.


Fuji Rubber Button



Stainless Steel




Wye (Wayland WA28)

(available in all black or silver and black as in image below)






Identification Bands (for twin tip rods only) Free of charge

Your own personal identification markings can be added to any bfw rod.

As an example. the standard build bfw i-power comes with gunmetal silver thread at the base of each tip to identify the two test curves i.e. one solid gunmetal silver band for the 1.75 tc tip & 2 gunmetal silver bands for the 2lb tc tip.

You can however choose a different coloured metallic band/whipping or an alternative identifying mark of your choice for example a small graphic or simply the numbers 1 & 2.

Copper i-power ID Bands
Metallic Red i-power ID Bands



Aligner Dots or Triangles £3.00

Aligner Dots or Triangles can also be added to the spigot joints on your rod to help you align the rings correctly. These can be in a colour of your choice.



Graphics (i.e. personal logos, flags etc) From £12.00




bfw i-power with England flag graphic.


bfw stalker with Union Jack flag graphic.



bfw i-power with Yorkshire Rose graphic.


bfw trotter with an English Rose graphic.


bfw i-power with West Ham United football flag and matching coloured text.


You may choose to design your own personalised graphic or even your own bfw i-power logo as in the image below (many thanks to Kev Whitcombe who designed the logo below for his bfw i-power). We will turn your ideas and sketches into reality, produce a graphic for you and show you a sample of how it would look on the rod.


Text & Colour Coding From £10.00

You may choose to have some text written on your rod using any font or colour of your choice. We can also match the colour of the bfw barbel (which is orange as standard) to the same colour as your text if required. See examples below:

Colour coded tippets and bfw barbel with customers name in white in special font.


Colour coded tippets, bfw barbel and i-power text with 'Built by Bob Gill' alongside.



Personalised text in white in customers required font.


Colour coded tippets, bfw barbel and torrix text.


There is no doubt that each one of Bob Gill's hand built rods is unique and very desirable. You may choose for Bob to sign your rod as shown in the image below. This is a very popular choice.




If you would like any further information about any of the bfw barbel rods, please do not hesitate to contact us.

01249 782126


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