Fox Evolution Bivvy


Imagine the scene. It is winter the rain is not so much pouring as you are beginning to wonder if you could be wetter if you threw yourself into that brown torrent passing at an amazing rate of knots in front of you. Search for a respite from the wind and rain! You look up the bank and you see a smug looking person just taking the kettle from his small stove into a ready charged coffee cup all dry and comfortably out of the elements. Guess which I am ?

Before I go onto the description let me explain why I am reviewing a bivvy on a barbel site. I fish for different fish on a range of waters using different tactics. Some of those involve a bivvy but for the purposes of this review I am reviewing it as a barbel angler.


The Fox Evolution series has been on the market for 4 years now and is available in 3 different versions. The Evo Classic Brolly, Evolution Brolly and the Evolution Bivvy. I have the Bivvy version.

For those of a technical nature the Bivvy features:

4oz - 210D Fully Breathable Nylon 5000mm

Hydrostatic Head Fully Tape sealed 10mm

T7000 Aero Aluminium arms

Breathable fabric dramatically reduces condensation

Facility to clip in dedicated PVC groundsheet (available separately)

I canít find mentioned in any of Foxís advertising the pegs that come with the bivvy. I have had a few tents, bivvyís and umbrellas and the pegs that come with them are usually rather pathetic affairs. These are solid stainless steel I have tried to bend them in extreme use, or abuse I suppose, but they win every time.

In Use

I have been using the Evolution for 8 months.

The rather dry details above fail to mention the rather more relevant qualities of this product. To set your mind at rest the front of the bivvy zips off leaving you with an Evolution Brolly. So what are these qualities ?

Fast to put up. I can have the brolly erected and pegged in around 2 minutes. There is a knack to this that you learn through a few set ups and pack ups

Adaptable. Due to the flexibility of the side poles I can have the top as high or as low as I wish and in nearly any configuration. This means that it takes a really awkward swim for me not to be able to house this brolly.


Robust. I have used it in horrendous winds and the Evo stood itís ground. What is more impressive is that it stood itís ground without storm poles just with the pegs provided. It has storm pole attachments already fitted.

Rain Resistant. This is another strong suite. It has not leaked a drop of rain. It does however suffer from condensation when the front is attached but so do all single skin bivvyís.

Weight. Here is the key to me finding it applicable for barbel fishing it weighs 6.5 kilos. It is lighter than any other similar product that I have looked at by generally a half. As the weight would suggest it packs down so that it easily fits into a sling.

Room. The range is designed to be able to use a bedchair so there is no problem with it engulfing your average barbel angler and all his, or her, kit.


Impressed with the build quality, adaptability, weight, robustness. The list goes on even down to the pegs.

However you know that for a quality product that you are going to leave the tackle shop a lot lighter in the wallet department and I am not going to disappoint you here.

If I were to recommend one of the Evo products for a barbel angler I would suggest that the least expensive of the 4 available should cater for your every barbel shelter need.

As you can tell I am happy with mine and have become very reliant on the Evolution.


Evolution Bivvy RRP £299.99.

Evolution Brolly RRP £199.99

Classic Evo Brolly RRP £104.99

As with most expensive tackle there are discounts on these prices if you search the ads in magazines.

BFW Rating

Solid 8 out of 10.

Would have been higher if it wasnít for the price.


Andy Thatcher

August 2001