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What Braid??

Discussion in 'Barbel Basics and Juniors Forum' started by Dave Smith 2, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Dave Smith 2

    Dave Smith 2 New Member

    Hi Guys,
    I will be taking a few weeks away from the River now due to the Missus due for having our first Child.
    So now I will be looking into changing my fishing ways ect & Stocking up on more gear.
    My Question is, What is the best Braid to go for out there to use for my hooklength?
    Im going to start to use a braided Hooklength now due to losing my mono hooklength on the take numerous time in my last session!! Maybe down to the rocky bottom or a muscle bed.
    My mainline is Daiwa Sensor 12lb Mono.

    Thanks in Advance
  2. Jon Frisby

    Jon Frisby Senior Member

    12lb black amnesia combi linked to gardner trickster 15/20lb.
  3. Ian Clayton

    Ian Clayton Senior Member

    Coated braid is my preference , currently using esp striptease in gravel brown 12lb.
  4. Paul Marshall

    Paul Marshall Member

    Gardener Trickster

    Just changed to Gardener Trickster and up to now has been superb ,was using Fox delude which i found not good at all,strangley kept snapping just below anti tangle rubber even it snags i can pull out of quite easily with the trickster.
    Regards and happy fatherhood. Paul.
  5. John Walker

    John Walker Senior Member

    amnesia wont cut thru, korda soft n trap coated with just the final 2-3 inches peeled back, finally a good sized dollop of good plasticine over your lead, this stops the lead getting stuck in the flinty or rocky bottom, lead comes back plasticine stays stuck on the bottom, tryit i all works
  6. Richard Parsons

    Richard Parsons Senior Member

    I've had a couple of breaks with Gardner Trickster so wouldn't recommend it. I use Sufix Camo Skin coated stripped (as suggested for other coated braids) for the final couple of inches at the hook end.
  7. Jon Frisby

    Jon Frisby Senior Member

    How was your right made up Richard. Interested to know where the break was. I generally use trickster in 25lb on my combi link and over the past 2 or 3 seasons never had a problem even after multiple Barbel. I have noticed a little fraying after its had a hammering but changed it soon after.
  8. Richard Parsons

    Richard Parsons Senior Member

    Hi Jon - just a simple hooklength in the 15lb variety and it tended to break anywhere along the length. It only happened a couple of times, granted, however I lost faith and went back to coated. It's difficult to determine what actually happened as the river I was fishing isn't at all rocky.