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Wanted - Carbotec fly rod #5 or #6 - any chance?

Julian Marshall

Senior Member
Bit unlikely, but having broken mine looking for a replacement as in title - please let me know if you might have one you'd part with.
Many thanks, Julian

Chris Jones

Senior Member
Keep your eyes on ebay. Carbotec fly rods pop up fairly regularly. They tend not to go for daft prices either. I'd guess the Carbotec brand doesn't mean a great deal in fluff chucking circles.

Mike Window

Senior Member
Hi Julian
I have a CarboTec 6' # 4 which because of it's length they named it The Moorland Junior. I have held on to it because it's such a great little rod
Only problem is I haven't cast a fly for at least 4 years. It is in the original CarboTec alloy tube
I may be tempted to sell it but still not sure.
PM me if you would like to know more