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tie a loop In braid

Whats the best knot for tying a loop in braided lines I have used a simple double overhand loop knot or a figure of eight loop, this Is In monofilament line and apparently both these knots give poor knot strength In mono.
But what loop knots do barbel anglers use when using braided hook lengths,or do they just tie a knot directly to a swivel.
I prefer a loop as you can quickly change to different lengths hooks etc.
When i tested various knots a few years back i found that the Double overhand loop was actually stronger than the figure of eight, in heavy mono the later forms a neater straighter loop but for all else i use a bog standard double overhand and have never had one let me down. This is with Braid AND mono. All that said, for Barbel i usually palomar knot the braid to a swivel ! Like everything else terminal tackle wise i'd test it yourself and see how it works for you rather than take notice of the inevitable conflicting opinion of others !
Yeah right !
Si, I'll take an easy option and refer you and anyone else to page 184 of Jim Gibbinson's Big Water Carp. Or good old you tube.

I switched from an overhand to figure of eight after a couple of mono knot failures when Tenching over 20 years ago. Never had a problem since ( that's torn it !! ). Then again, can't remember the last time I used a mono hooklink for Tench or Barbel unless float fishing.