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David Craine

Senior Member
With the weather being so “up and down” I have been thinking about getting a thermometer to check the water temps.I broke the last one .

Any reccomendations .

I would prefer the old fashioned type if possible, a simple no nonsense one. Not sure how reliable they are though . If must needs I could enter the 20 th century with a digital , but I would probably end up arguing with it, I have enough problems falling out with our car who answers back .
( female )


Stephen Crowhurst

Senior Member
The old style thermometers, not mercury these days, but the substitute will be fine and unless mistreated or damaged will be pretty accurate. The bonus is they are also cheap. Ones for ponds or swimming pools will do you.

Digital ones are very convenient but the accuracy will drift. With most things, repeatability is probably more important that outright accuracy. We’re mostly looking for trends rather than a specific measurement.

I have an infrared one I use at work, it’s reassuringly technical looking for customers and give me a answer without touching things. It isn’t however massively accurate.