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Tench 2016

Discussion in 'Other Species Fishing' started by Steve Roffey, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Steve Roffey

    Steve Roffey Senior Member

    Kicked off this year's tench campaign on Thursday with a 13.14 mirror on maggot feeder! Stuck to my guns and got my first tench of the year shortly after, a male about 4lbs, then as I was packing away the last rod left in got me this nice fish of 6.13 to complete the day!

  2. Duncan Dimbleby

    Duncan Dimbleby Senior Member

    Lovely early season tench Steve. We saw 3 out on Good Friday whilst fishing lobworms intended for perch, biggest was a good six.

    Anyone still using bfw's sister site, tench fishing world ? Would be good to see that being used more frequently and livened up with a bit of banter.

    I'm looking forward to my tenching again this Spring but sadly the big 60 acre pit I fish is always slow to warm up for the tench to really get on it.
  3. Adam Francis

    Adam Francis Senior Member

    Lovely tench Steve. I'm itching to get out also but like Duncan, waiting for a big pit to warm up a bit.

    Didn't know anything about a sister site, I'll check that out thanks.
  4. John Walker

    John Walker Senior Member

    it was a great site with good anglers posting, dunno about now as i haven,t veiwed it for years, in fact i am gonna have a look now
  5. John Walker

    John Walker Senior Member

    www.tench fishing world.co.uk yes its still up and running have a look it cost nothing to look:)
  6. Gavin Hoe-Richardson

    Gavin Hoe-Richardson Senior Member

    Just had a look, not a member there but noted that all member e-mail addresses are visible. Might need a dose of looking at for security.
  7. John Walker

    John Walker Senior Member

    why, i aint had no problems since it began
  8. Steve Roffey

    Steve Roffey Senior Member

    I had a quick look at tench Fishing World and it seemed to be pretty dead, no recent posts?

    Had a good day today with a total of 8 tench, best 5.13, all came to maggot feeder, lost a couple of others.
  9. Steve Roffey

    Steve Roffey Senior Member

    Back on the tench trail yesterday after a week's holiday on the south coast, wasn't sure how the water would react to the clear, sunny conditions but it decided to reward me with 4 tench, all males, with a best of 5.10. Also had another that came adrift after a few seconds.
  10. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member

    A bit of help from you seasoned Tenchers please? I've joined a local club for a bit of close season tenching. The two main lakes for the Tench are shallow and during daylight hours apparently the water birds are murder diving continuously on your baits so I want to bait the previous evening for early morning sorties. I intend using a blanket feed laced with a small "particle" and some dead maggots. Hopefully this will not interest the tufties and coots too much!!!
    my question is, what particle ? If I were doing this for Barbel or Carp I would be using hemp but is this as good for Tench or can you suggest a better option, buckwheat or the like perhaps but I want a small particle size to hopefully deter the birds!!! Any suggestions please ?
  11. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    The site started back in the "bad old Yuku days". Adding a post with member details was optional, and including email addresses was optional too. It's not an admin thing. :)
  12. Joe Winstanley

    Joe Winstanley Senior Member

    Hemp works a treat for tench, as do groats and stewed wheat. Casters can be as good as anything but at £3 or more per pint you don't want to be feeding the tufties with them! I'm a big fan of the Nutrabaits Specialist Carpet Feed - it's full of all sorts of minute crushed particles such as rape, peanuts, alfalfa etc. The trigger carpet feed is also good.
  13. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member

    Thanks Joe, it's the Nutrabaits Specialist CF that I have. I've had a wheeze while sitting in the M25 traffic about using pigeon conditioner which had a mention or two on here previously...any experience of it with Tench?
  14. Mark Swaby

    Mark Swaby Senior Member

    Hemp is the number 1 Tench particle but do not overdo it ,they can get very preoccupied with too much hemp, your swim can fizz without them taking the maggot.I use a baiting cone and feed an area as big as a room, with dead maggot and the same amount of hemp,your feeder will then be a concentrated point in your feed area.You can hook fish and play them out of an area that big without spooking others. Try to avoid light coloured particle the birds will see it too easily.Pigeon conditioner contains large particle and is harder to prepare and easy to see,keep things simple and give them only 2 options mag or hemp.One good tip is to stock up with loaves of bread,or floaters and feed those problem birds away from your feed,every time they are going towards your baited area spray floaters downwind away from it.Try mini boilies or worm for the odd change hookbait.
  15. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member

    loads of good advice there Mark....many thanks:)
  16. Mark Swaby

    Mark Swaby Senior Member

    Also 2 plastic red maggots glued to a short hair,size 12 and short hooklength is really effective.Good luck
  17. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member

    Once again, many thanks Mark
  18. Joe Winstanley

    Joe Winstanley Senior Member

    The conditions are looking really good towards the end of the week, especially into the weekend - hopefully those tinca's will be getting their heads down. Good luck to those getting out this week. I can't wait!

  19. Steve Lewis

    Steve Lewis Senior Member

    Saw some tench and carp activity cycling home yesterday afternoon in the Bristol Avon, just outside of Bath town centre. The carp (none of them big) were taking some bread off the surface (what was left over by the ducks, I'm guessing) very near to the bank in the shallower water, and a few tench (again, none of them big - 3-5lbs I reckon) were in the same area nosing down on the bottom, and occasionally cruising near the surface with the carp.

    Although I've always known that there were tench in the lower-mid Avon, it's the first time I've ever actually seen any in over 10 years of cycling or walking by it during my commute to and from work.

    Mind you, it's not enough to make me want to fish that stretch - it's where all the drunks and druggies hang out.

    EDIT - I wasn't cycling in the Bristol Avon...
  20. George Maltby

    George Maltby Senior Member

    Hi guys, wondering if anyone can offer some advice. My old man who is now almost exclusively a fly fisher is having some serious nostalgia about his tench fishing days when he was a lad. He was very specific about fishing lillies from a punt so have booked a day at blenheim palace. However i have never fished the place and as you can only take a punt at 6am earliest i dont want to spend too much time exploring as its quite a large bit of water. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on areas and baits. Tactics wise he is only really interested in the pin and float so my hands are tied on that front! Any advice welcome.