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Swim 4

Picture of a swim below. This is the only information you have. Imagine you've been blind folded and lead to this spot on an unknown river. You're looking downstream.

How would you fish this swim, where would you put loose feed, where would you cast?

Let's see how this one goes?
Stick/pin (is there any other way on a new river), 2/3rds way across as it looks like the river is bending right. Wade out as far as possible and cast to A6, loosefeed just upstream of it. Once I've got to grips with the features fish with static baits after dark.
You say I have just arrived blindfold.
I look at the swim and find 4 guys (as above) all fishing the same spot using the same technique, no wonder they are not catching !
I quietly walk 100 yards upstream and find a spot all to myself.