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Some tips for using the "new" forum

Discussion in 'Barbel Talk' started by Paul Whiteing, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Paul Whiteing

    Paul Whiteing Administrator

    Inserted in no particular order :

    • PMs / conversations
    • Mark Forums Read
    • Editing your user profile
    • Quick Navigation
    • Avatars
    • Inserting a picture into your post
    • Forum-generated help

    1. PMs /conversations :

    PMs are now called conversations, although they may be between groups of members rather than just single person to person.

    2. Mark forums read :

    The orange "speech bubble" icon to the left of all forums is dark orange for those with threads that have not been read, or pale orange for those with threads that have been read.

    I suggest to start with that you "mark forums read".

    On a PC click the "mark forums read" in the full width orange banner near the top

    On a mobile (at least on mine which is Android) it is also in the full width orange banner but you may have to click the three dots to get a drop-down

    3. Editing your profile :

    To get to your profile
    to make changes as required click your username in the menu bar


    or Open Quick Navigation (see 4 below)​

    4. Quick navigation :

    Open Quick Navigation by clicking the arrow symbol (right hand side) shown



    5. Avatars :

    Avatars migrated from the old forum may be of poor quality as they have been "stretched". I suggest you upload a new one of your choice

    6. Inserting a picture into your post :

    You can insert an image (picture) directly into your post from your PC or mobile, either full-size or better still (recommended) as a thumbnail. There is a 10MB limit to image size so you are unlikely to have to resize, and all full-size images are automatically adjusted for best-fit.

    Use the "Upload a File" button and browse your images.

    For full instructions see ........ not writ yet, coming soon :)

    7. Forum-generated help :

    Help is available for
    • Smilies
    • BB codes
    • Cookie usage
    • Terms and conditions
    see https://barbel.co.uk/forum/help/
    also available via the Quick Navigation menu

    AndyF, BobG or paul4 will add more tips in due course.
  2. Mike Daniel

    Mike Daniel Senior Member


    All looking really good :) ...definitely going to make posting pics a lot easier.
  3. Derek Funcks

    Derek Funcks Senior Member

    for anyone who struggles with the smaller font size, using windows 10 on a P.C. On the top righthand corner of your screen, you should see 3 horizontal stripes, click on this and you will get a drop down menu, you can now zoom in to make the font bigger. :);)