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Smooth braid

Discussion in 'Barbel Talk' started by Terry Simner, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Terry Simner

    Terry Simner Senior Member

    Probably done to death but, most of us aren't fishing anyway so....

    I use PowerPro, for flood water ledgering, and for rolling meat (with a mono leader). Yeah, it's fine...but just bought a 'Rolling Pin' (been using a Lewtham Sidecast) and want the best, (and hopefully smoother?) braid possible to go on it. PowerPro Slick? Berkeley stuff? I've heard SO many contrasting reviews (e.g. Fireline : "Best braid ever" to "Absolute rubbish" etc etc) and so trying to get a firm 'handle' on it.
    So, what do I put on my Rolling Pin?? Thoughts?

  2. Julian Peacock

    Julian Peacock Senior Member

    Flour? That should stop it sticking :)

  3. Terry Simner

    Terry Simner Senior Member

    What a wag :D:D:D:eek:
  4. Graham Elliott

    Graham Elliott Senior Member

    Terry. PPslick. As I use for my hooklinks. Smooth as silk.
    Great stuff.
  5. Terry Simner

    Terry Simner Senior Member

    Cheers Gra...it seems like the natural choice after using PP regular, but I just wanted some input before buying (cheap it ain't) a load.
  6. Jon Frisby

    Jon Frisby Senior Member

    I have looked tried to find a better braid than PP super 8 slick and i cant. Knots and casts brilliantly, i am still using the same spool I maybe put on 4 year's ago. The colours aren't great, but does it matter when using a leader etc.
  7. Terry Simner

    Terry Simner Senior Member

    Cheers Jon, I value your opinion...many thanks.
  8. Mark Nicholls

    Mark Nicholls Senior Member

    I've been using the super 8 for a few years now and as with Graham and Jon have found it excellent.
    Hunting around to find a good supplier at reasonable prices continues to frustrate me though.
  9. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member

    Not sure if this is reasonable Mark as I do not use it (yet) but £22 for 150 yards or £36 for 300 yds from Fishing Tackle Online ( including postage).

    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018 at 3:37 PM
  10. Steve Holt

    Steve Holt Senior Member

    I've been trying Berkeley professional grade braid & its pretty good stuff, I can't get on with the super slick colours. I tried the Suffix 832 & the colour washes out straight away.. In fairness the original PP isn't bad. I've got a spool of super slick stuck in a bucket of dye as we speak :)
    I'm trying the Nash NXT bullet braid but I haven't used it yet so the jury's out on that.
  11. Mark Nicholls

    Mark Nicholls Senior Member

    Thanks Bill - looks good - I'll give them a go :)
  12. Paul Collins

    Paul Collins Senior Member

    I use braid more or less all the time, mainly for trotting, so it has to be smooth. Best I've found is Fox Jigsilk.
    It's bright yellow, which I like as it's easy to see for mending and it doesn't fur up like a lot of braid, fireline in particular.
    Advertised as sinking, it isn't.
    Around £15 for 150 yards.
  13. Richard Parsons

    Richard Parsons Senior Member

    Another vote for super slik. I've just changed from a Lewtham Quest as well, Terry. The Rolling Pin is better quality, however the smaller size isn't great. Will stick with it, though. I use a soft rod rather than a leader.
  14. Jon Frisby

    Jon Frisby Senior Member

    One I have heard good things about is the Guru pulse braid. I have had a peek and it looks v good. If i was float fishing braid I would certainly have a look at it.
    I personally only use braid for leger feeder use so I can't really comment on float fishing too much.
    As I have been weather bound for the past few weeks I have been tweaking my gear, moving from black amnesia leaders to Sunline fluorocarbon leaders. Knots are the major issue with tying leaders of any type. I have mostly used the Albright 7 up and 5 down, which works great with super 8 and practically any other leader. Where other braids fail is when tying the Albright, it just doest like it as the knot can part well under the stated B.S.. I have used the FG knot which takes some practice and that's v good for all braids, but a mare to tie. I have found one that's a lot easier to tie with the same results and that's the FG knot substitute/alternative.
    Just something to think about when braid fishing.

    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  15. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member


    A couple of questions if I may?

    I was with our Dutch friend every step ‘till he started adding the half hitches! Do you think the knot needs ‘em ?

    The leader, you say you have switched over to Flouro, is this for better abrasion resist or lower visibility?


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  16. Paul Collins

    Paul Collins Senior Member

    I've given up on knots for joining the nylon to braid, most knots seem to be for joining thick nylon to thin braid. I use a small swivel and attach the braid and hooklength to that, float or ledger. Most commonly used hooklink 0.013mm Reflo powerline on the float, 8lb drennan series 7 0.25mm ledgering.
    Most practical knot for tying the braid to the swivel is a palomar, roughly 70% of B.S.
  17. Jon Frisby

    Jon Frisby Senior Member

    I haven't used it in anger yet,
    Hi Bill, I personally haven't used the knot for fishing yet but have rigged up all my rods with it in readiness. I actually tied the knot 10 times with 30lb super 8 slick to 25lb sunline fluoro leader and every time i tested it, it was far stronger than any other knot I had tied. So much so that I struggled to break it. So i tried it with 25lb Kastking braid which hates the Albright and again it was solid. I did notice when tightening down once that the fluoro knot did move slightly, so I tightened the knot fully and carried on with 4 alternate hitches, cut the fluoro tag end tight and finished with 2 double half hitches.
    I have switched to fluoro leader for fishing low clear water and the abrasion resistance that comes with it.
    I have always fished a black amnesia leader to No obvious negatives even on the smaller yorkshire rivers.
    The adage of Why change a good thing... or if it's not broke why fix it?
    Well I have a little plan in mind and I'm always looking for the odd edge and this I hope may put some more fish on the bank.
  18. Bill Walford

    Bill Walford Senior Member

    Thank you Jon, thanks for letting me learn from your experiments and experience. I’ve not used braid with a leader before so on an acute learning curve. Fair to say i’ve not tied a leader since the ‘70’s when I used to do a bit of beach casting.... I lie! I did use a short rubbing leader on the Wye this year due to cut offs in the low water....that being my only dabble!!
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