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Shimano Twin Power XTR 4000

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The Twin Power XTR reel series are one of the top of the range reels from Shimano. Taking the reel from the box and spinning it gives you the immediate impression of a very smooth and classy reel featuring a fighting drag system and rear clutch. The reel is finished in a satin silver grey finish and comes as standard with three spools and a single handle. The model under review is the Twin Power XTR 4000.


The Handle

Maybe worth mentioning (and a bit puzzling to me) was that the reel comes as standard with a single handle and not the usual double variety. The single handle supplied comes with a chunky finger grip, which is very comfortable to use. However, I have become a fan of the double handle and fortunately this was offered free with the reel at the time from the particular supplier I purchased it from. I personally found that the double handle improved the overall balance and perceived smoothness of the reel.


It may be of interest to some that the above pictures show the reel seated on a rod with a full cork handle with a shortened (cut down) Fuji DNPS fitting. Cutting around 25mm off the front end of the Fuji fitting allows the cork of the front grip to be blended in to give a more pleasant cosmetic appearance and feel. This may not suit everybody, but I like it.

In Use

Very smooth operation, with a good clutch and coupled with a good decisive bale arm operation this reel inspires confidence. The line lay is very good - which is expected from a reel of this class and price. The spools are interchangeable with the spools of my Shimano GTE 5000 Baitrunners - a bonus.

I had a slight problem with one of the supplied spools with this reel which Shimano were swift to rectify.

For the spools supplied with the reel, I was able to specify that all came with medium capacity which is approximately 200yds of 10lb monofilament. As I use braid as a main line this would allow me to fill the spool with around 300yds of 0.23mm diameter braid - but I'm quite contented with 60 to 80yds of braid with a mono backing.


A good quality reel - I expect this one to go on and on.


Shimano stockists, but it's worth shopping around for the best deal. I paid £119 in May 2002 for the reel from Billy Clarke http://www.billy-clarke.co.uk who included a free double handle at the time of ordering. They also allowed me to specify the spools supplied and were very helpful.

BFW Score

9 out of 10. May go up or down in the long term.

Bob Gill (bgit) August 2002
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