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Several Fred Crouch centrepins

Paul Whiteing

Staff member
I'm a user and not a collector, but I need to have a clearout.

I have two Fred Crouch Jet, 4.1/2" dia narrow (5/8") drum, reels for sale.

Both were pre-anodise era, so are painted as were all of Fred's reels. Some inevitable but minimal paint loss, but they work a treat.

FC_jet01_01.jpg FC_jet01_02.jpg FC_jet01_03.jpg

Reel 1 priced at £125 posted

FC_jet02_01.jpg FC_jet02_02.jpg FC_jet02_03.jpg

Reel 2 priced at £125 posted

I also have a Fred Crouch Truepin Trotter, 3.3/4" dia narrow (5/8") drum. Powder coated, used once only (when I did a rare trip for grayling) and therefore in pristine condition.

FC_trotter02_01.jpg FC_trotter02_02.jpg FC_trotter02_03.jpg

Reel 3 priced at £135 posted

Excuse my poor photos, I really tried but I'm just naff with a camera :oops:
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