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SBS Baits - Serious Barbel Stix

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SBS Baits - Serious Barbel Stix

by Steve Williams​

While attending the BFW charity fish-in at Hampton Loade back in July 2011, we got chatting to Des Taylor, who'd come along to support the event. The conversation came round to baits, and never shy in coming forward, Des was keen to tell us about a new bait he'd got coming out. He went to the back of his truck and came out a couple of plastic bags. In these bags were some samples of his new SBS Serious Barbel Baits Stix.


Now there are many 'specialist' Barbel baits around in both Boilie and Paste form, so it takes something a bit different for me to take notice. The first thing we did was to open the bag and take a good sniff ...... SBS Frankfurter filled our nostrils.

The Stix are a square boilie type bait with a nice skin on the outside, giving way to a slightly more paste like inner. There are four flavours, Frankfurter (Dark Red), Squiddy (Yellow), Undercover (Dark Brown) and a yet to be announced 'new' flavour. Each pack contains 5 x 6 inches long Stix and they are going to be available in two different sizes. The Barbel Stix are shelf life and retail at £3.99 per pack.


I decided that the first outing for using the Stix was to be on the River Wye. A friend is lucky enough to have access to a private stretch, which would give me a great chance of testing the baits fish catching potential, as this stretch is hardly fished. I selected a nice deep run under my feet, with the odd weed patch visible through the clear water. I fished two rods, the downstream rod had the SBS Barbel Stix in Frankfurter flavour, and the upstream rod had a more standard pellet and feeder approach. The rig I used for the SBS Barbel Stix was : 12lb mainline, a 2oz free running lead with 3ft 10lb mono hooklength, knotless knot hair rig on a size 8 hook. I hair rigged a 1 inch piece the Barbel Stix, threaded several smaller pieces onto a length of PVA tape and lowered the rig into the head of the run. The bait hair rigs very well, but it is also possible to hook it direct.

The first fish came just 10 minutes after lowering the rig into the swim, which is always a great confidence boost. By the end of the short afternoons session I had landed 6 Barbel up to 7.3/4lbs on the Stix, with only one coming to the pellet rod. Not conclusive I appreciate, but certainly proves they catch fish. I have since tried the bait on the Teme and middle Severn and also caught well on it.

The Barbel Stix will catch a lot of fish. They are a versatile bait with great fish catching potential, and well worth carrying a couple of packs in your bag.

Check them out on the SBS web site www.sbsbaits.com

Steve Williams
Sep 2011
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