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Rod advice

Darren Riley

New Member
Just getting back in to chub and barbel fishing and need all the kit again
I've been looking at the daiwa Black widow twin tips and was wondering if anyone had experience with them?
I worry that I'll get them then want to upgrade straight away as I know what I'm like

Mike Thompson

Senior Member
Darren hi, I have two black widows, they were the first rods I purchased for serious chub and barbel. For the money I think they are great. I much prefer the built in quiver tip and this is spot on for chub in slower, deeper stretches, or for winter roach. The main tip is then for barbel or chub in faster water and when wanting to chuck out heavy feeders. I've had a couple of 10lbers on mine and they were really nice to play fish on.
Probably a little undergunned for the Trent or the Severn with extra water on, but I use mine on the Yorkshire Ouse and Wharfe.
The alternative is to buy second-hand off this forum. I've had some super kit, but the trouble now is the cost of a carrier for rods which is making the total price uneconomic.