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Projo Designs Nightgorger Forceps by Andy Frances

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Steve Williams

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Projo Designs Nightgorger Forceps by Andy Frances

The new Projo designs night fishing forceps are a brilliant idea and they solve many of the problems experienced when catching fish at night.

The design combines an aluminium torch, disgorger and forceps. The torch has a variable beam and rubber O-ring seals that make it extremely water resistant. The torch also comes supplied with a spare bulb. The tip of the torch is coated with luminous paint so if you drop them at night, they still glow for 20 minutes. Projo also supply a neck strap that attaches to the bottom of the torch which makes carrying extremely convenient.


The product we were sent were the 6 inch curved nose forceps and as you can see from the photos on this page, are just as useful in daylight as they are at night. In fact, I used the forceps throughout the session unhooking fish very easily. The only negative comment I have is that the forceps would not stay in the locked position when hanging round my neck, this may have been bad luck though!


At £13.99 the Nightgorger is not bad value for money and I'll certainly continue to use them on all futur sessions both day and night. They're a brilliant idea and a great piece of design obviously designed by anglers for anglers.

Projo Designs U.K 10 Bowles Way Dunstable Beds LU6 3LX

Tel: 01582 602510

BFW Score

9 out of 10

Andy Frances October 2002
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