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Problem with a bulk spool line

Brian Willson

Senior Member
Hi Guys,
this is a weird one, for a number of years I have been using Daiwa Sensor bulk spool line, I change it on a regular basis and have been re-spooling using a Daiwa re-spooling device, I soak the line for a couple of hours and have never had a problem until now.
The end cap of the spool came adrift, I took it back to the shop where they exchanged it, I returned home and soaked another spool of 6 lb line which I kept in a draw, at this point I must say that I keep a good stock of line, and again the end spool came adrift, and this was a new spool which was about 6 months old, on close inspection it appears that the glued end cap has come unstuck.
Has anyone had this problem or was this a bad batch.
Cheers all.
Brian.....................enclosed picture.


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Alex Warren

Senior Member
Possible that a supplier somewhere down the line stored too close to a heat source or (heaven forbid) in direct sunlight and that’s deteriorated the glue? Or they’ve used a water soluble adhesive and the soaking did it? Or a combination of the two? Maybe just a crappy batch?

Brian Willson

Senior Member
Hi Alex,
Many thanks for your reply but it gets worse.
I have checked with a friend of mine who uses the same bulk spools and one of his has cracked, so I checked my stock cupboard, which is a very cool bottom drawer into which I have some plastic boxes where I keep the spools, and low and behold two more spools are cracking, this leads me to thinking that the line has been wound on very tight onto some cheap inferior plastic spools, I have written to Daiwa, lets see if I get a reply.
Incidentally the tackle shop where I purchased this line does not have any sunlight on the items.
So to sum up, if you use Sensor in the bulk spool, check the end of the spool ( the one without the label ) if its cracked badly or you can see a thin line at the top of the centre hole then I'm not alone with this problem.
Thanks again...................4 lb spool and 6 lb spools cracked 8 lb spool and 10 lb spool ok at moment,

Brian Willson

Senior Member
Hi Guys,
After investigating with other anglers who use the same line I have come to a conclusion, I have checked other makes of spools, Fox, GR60 and many more and their spools are more robust and substantial, these spools are very fragile and the end caps break easy under an increase I pressure, so what causes the pressure ? there can only be one answer, and that is soaking the line in water prior to re-spooling, some expansion must take place pushing the end plate off snapping the fragile ends.
So why on earth do I soak the line ? this is an old habit that I used many years ago, chuck your 100 metre spool into some water and wind it straight on to the reel, this practice I will now stop and if anyone uses this particular product don't soak it before re-spooling.
At the end of the day I don't suppose it makes the slightest difference whether you wet the line or not when re-spooling after all it gets wet on your first cast.
Good luck all.

Brian Willson

Senior Member
Hi Guys
An update on the defective Daiwa bulk spool.
I wrote to Daiwa and in the reply they requested that I return the spool which I did at a postage cost of £3.70.
I then received a letter in the post saying that they are going to replace the spool......unfortunately they are out of stock but gave me a date when it would be delivered.................JANUARY 11th 2021.....Yippee only three months to wait.