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Power Pro Braid

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Having used braided type lines for some time now, I was interested to hear of PowerPro from a couple of my fellow posters on BFW. After seeking some information and advice I managed to tempt myself to get some. I was quite happy and settled using Berkley Fireline, but was 'persuaded' to look at PowerPro after hearing lots of positive comments. That was around three months ago and after fishing with it for around 15 sessions, including some pretty hefty flood conditions, have become converted to it.


PowerPro Up Close

PowerPro is manufactured from 100% Spectra fibre and is currently available over here in white or moss green. It has little or no stretch and thinner than equivalent test monfilament.

I elected to try the 20lb test and without delay did a few tests on knot strength. Using a Palomar knot, I tied up a few lengths using my regular swivels (ESP Size 9) and set about loading the line to breaking point by adding weights to a dangling bucket. My tests showed that the line was parting at the knot at between 18lb and 20lb. So no real worries here - at least I know what I'm dealing with. Now for some tests on the 3 month old stuff, which has seen plenty of use. Going generally at around 15 to 16lb here - so still within reasonable limits. To be fair, I would usually cut-off the first couple of yards - depending on what use it has had - for maximum safety margins. I wonder how many people test their line after a few trips...

In Use

PowerPro is quite supple and relatively round. The colour eventually washes out to give a light green colour, which darkens on getting wet. As it has little stretch and is smaller in diameter than the equivalent breaking strain monofilament, I find I am more in control and need less weight to hold. My normal set-up is Shimano GTE 5000 and Harrison 1.75 Interceptor. I've caught around 30 barbel (some of those in really rushing through, flood conditions since switching from Fireline to PowerPro and it's given no problems. In most situations you only need to spool up with around 60 to 100 yds - most of that will never see water on most rivers. This gives plenty to allow you cut off the first couple of yards for some time. I'll reverse mine on the spool if necessary.


Becoming more available since the original review although prices still remain at around £15 for 150yd and £30 for 300yd spools. Leslies of Luton, Lures-on-line, Essex Angling may have what you require. Alternatively, cheaper spools are occasionally found on E-bay.

Current Conclusions

Very pleased so far.

BFW Rating

After 3 months use 9 out of 10. (Could go up or down after a longer term review).

Bob Gill (bgit) March 2002

Update 30th September 2003

Eighteen months on and I'm still using Power Pro. Additional breaking strains are becoming available - notably 8lb and 15lb - although currently (at update of 30/09/03) these are hard to find in UK outlets.

For maximum knot strength I've found that rather than a Palomar knot a doubled line, twice through the eye 6 turn Grinner gives an extra couple of pounds to the knotted breaking strain.

In certain situations the abrasion resistance of braided lines in general are poorer than those of comparable breaking strain monofilament lines, so it might be worth considering stepping up the breaking strain of the braid. I use 20lb for most situations and if rough ground is likely, I use a few feet of one of the high abrasion monofilaments as a leader.
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