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Pixham Ferry, trotting.

Eddie Bray

Senior Member
Thinking about additional tackle to take with me for my upcoming trip to Pixham.

I would like to take an additional rod with me to try a bit of trotting if conditions allow. Not knowing the area some advice as to what I should use would be appreciated.
I have the following rods available:-

Normark Avenger 13ft power float rod
JW Young 13-15ft Trotter
Browning Aggressor 18-20ft Float

I willl also take a Centrepin and Fixed spool reel to use with the rod (although not at the same time).

Any advice would be appreciated.

Graham Elliott

Senior Member
Some very decent roach last couple of seasons nearby. Close to 2lb.

Thing is they seem to all come to big (10mm) bottom baits away from the bleak.
Had some good chub trotting flake from Oct on.

The perch I see grouping the fry all seem under a lb but must be some good ones.

Graham Elliott

Senior Member
Presume you fishing BS bit?

Its deep on the inside most of the way through so if you are targetting silvers the long rod.

Might be difficult to land a decent barbel though.
( understatment!)

The Avenger if getting to the bottom for barbel.

I would suggest you start feeding 6mm pellets and band same. And get on the bottom, barbel gear same peg a couple of hours before dusk

Eddie Bray

Senior Member
Thanks Graham, I bought the Browning about 8 years ago and have never actually used it. I found it in the garage last week along with my 1990s John Wilson Avon when my wife made me clean the garage out. Funny thing was, I was sure I had sold it.