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Pallartax 'The Hook'.

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Pallatrax 'The Hook'​


What do you look for in a hook?

I once posted on a hook thread on BFW that all I look for in a hook is something that is 'sharp & pointy'.
That was a bit tongue in cheek, but as a rule I'm not too technical when it comes to hooks.

I have to say, before I started doing the BFW reviews, I simply went into the local tackle shop and selected a hook of the size I required, from a manufacturer I felt I could trust.
I always feel that a well known brand gives you a little more confidence in a product.
I know its said that many hooks are just the same pattern packaged up differently for different manufacturers, but I guess we all have our favourite brands that we feel we can trust.

Its all about personal preference.
Ask a 10 anglers what their favourite hook is, and your likely to get 10 different answers.
I guess that's part of the thinking behind Pallatrax producing one hook pattern in both Barbed and Barbless.
One hook to cover pretty much all circumstances.

The Hook is a short shank hook with a straight eye and slightly in-turned point.
It comes in all sizes from 16 to 2 in both barbed and barbless and retails at a very reasonable £3.25 per a pack of 10, which compared to other similar products, is good value.

Having gone through a quite a number of the hooks, in both barbed and barbless with a magnifying glass, all I can say is, I didn't find any variation in quality or sharpness.
All the eyes were closed, and every point was needle sharp.

I've now used 'The Hook' for Tench, Carp, Barbel and Perch fishing, and I've found them to be faultless every time.

'The Hook' is certainly one to look at next time your thinking of a change of hook pattern.
Available from the Barbel fishing World Shop- Barbel Fishing World Online Shop

BFW rating.
Performance 8.5/10
Value 9/10
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