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Nutrabaits Specialist Angling Baits Catalogue 2002

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Steve Williams

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I walked into my local tackle shop and as I was perusing the particle section heard "Oi Andy have you seen this?" in a booming voice from behind the counter.

"What?" asked I and was handed the Nutrabaits Specialist catalogue.

To be honest I am not happy about it!

I have quietly been using Nutrabaits flavours, oils, mixes and other associated odds and sods amongst others since 87 or 88 and here is a catalogue giving the game away!

It is eight pages with sections by Bill Cottam, Terry Lampard, Tim Norman, Matt Hayes, Ian Welch, Kevin Clifford, Mick Dinighan and the aforementioned boomer Dave Green.

For the barbel anglers who has used specialist baits or a new comer to the topic it is full of interesting ideas.

Want a new bait for the coming season?

You could do a lot worse than going to your local Nutrabaits stockist and picking one of these up.

Price ? Best there is Free !!!!

Andy Thatcher
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