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Nisa Feeders

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Nisa Feeders


I have an admission. OK you are not going to fall off your chair or anything but an admission none the less.

I am not very fond of feeders. You could come close to calling it hate but not quite just a rolling eyed acceptance that they have a place in my fishing. Now having said that why am I reviewing these Nisa feeders? Well they are simply put the best I have come across to date.


I first noticed them standing in what used to be my local tackle shop in Suffolk some years ago ago. Speaking to the owner he said they were designed and manufactured by a local guy for fishing rivers like the tidal Thurne or Waveney. My main used for them was to be in conjunction with a lead clip bolt rig arrangement so a fair amount of weight was a good thing and that was their primary advantage for me. You can buy them in any weight between - and 3 ounces. There is also the facility to add additional weight on to them if this is not heavy enough.

The bodies are made of polypropylene which is as solid as you are going to get.

An A - Frame type moulding is used to attach the feeder either to the line or a quick link.

In Use

As with all feeders it deposits the amount of feed you want to the area you have cast to.

The advantage of Nisa feeders is that they are really hardy. The picture above are of feeders I bought in a shop 3 years ago and I have never had one break yet. I've lost a couple in the Trent but never had one break.


Well I rate them.

Tough as nails, lots of weight options, tough as nai........haven't I said that already?

You get my drift - if you are looking for a feeder that is not going to let you down look no further.

Additional Information

There are a number of other Nisa feeders available and rather than attempt to describe each one, take a look at the picture below for some idea. Two of the types have removable swivels so they can be fished in a 'line through' fashion.


Andy Thatcher
April 2004
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