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Mustad Magic Box by Martin Colloff (milkers)

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Steve Williams

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Mustad Magic Box by Martin Colloff (milkers)


When I offered to do an article for the site, after talking to Bob I was thinking of buying some new tackle in the closed season and reviewing that. Whilst I will probably still do this, after talking to Scott, he suggested an article on a piece of kit I have already been using for a few years. This is the Mustad Magic Box, a kind of mini tackle-box for all your essential bits and pieces. For most of my fishing I am quite mobile, especially on the smaller rivers, and the Magic Box is ideal for anglers on the move, even if I'm on the Severn, I keep this with me in my coat pocket in case I swap pegs at any point.


Mustad Magic Box


The box itself is small and light-weight, when opened up the dimensions are 100x65x25mm. It has 10 different compartments, all with a small 'flip' type lid. The compartments vary in size and are ideal for keeping hooks, swivels right through to run-rings and beads.

As a space-saving piece of tackle this is ideal, and as I said I have been using mine for a number of seasons already, and don't really know what I would do without it. The only down-side, if there is one is that you could do with a little more room, but I think that may be me being greedy, as it would probably defeat the object of it's compact design. In short, go and buy one!

Price and Stockists

I bought mine from Trefor West a few years ago, and paid about �6, I believe they are �7.99 from Trefor now, he normally has his tackle on sale at Barbel Society regional meetings. You will also be able to purchase one from most Mustad stockists, I have also noticed that they sell them at Shortferry Angling Shop Index for the same price.

Martin Colloff (milkers)

April 2004
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