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Lucido T6.1 Headlight by Bob Gill

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Steve Williams

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Lucido T6.1 Headlight by Bob Gill

This is a relatively new light from Lucido and combines both LED lights combined with a halogen filament spotlight. It�s not heap at around �60 but after a couple of months use, including some pretty wet conditions, I have to say that I�m impressed.


Lucido T6.1 Headlight

Details and Features
Weighing in at around 3.7 ounces without the 3 AA batteries it's certainly a light, small and neat little number. There are 6 LED's, a central halogen bulb and a red LED on the battery case which can be set to flash if you want people to know the approximate position of the back of your head or wherever you choose to locate the removable battery pack! In the main lighting department you have a number of choices - 2 LED's, 6 LED's or the halogen spot. These are controlled by the two switches - one either side of the casing of main light unit. The main light unit (the blue portion shown in the photograph) rotates - allowing you to adjust the angle of lighting.

There are also another couple of useful functions - a battery check facility and a SOS signal mode - flashing the 6 LED's in the according Morse code.

Battery life varies depending on the features used, but you can expect around 300 hours for the LED's or 3.5 hours if you use the halogen spot. Such a wide range of battery life expectancy makes the battery check facility invaluable.

In Use
I elected to use the battery pack located on the headband and although a expanding curly cable is attached, I felt this was a little short for fixing the battery pack comfortably to say your belt. Anyway, it's light enough to use on the headband - so no real problems. I found for most night fishing applications that the 2 LED's were more than adequate for conducting baiting up operations etc. For walking fields then 6 come into use and for long distance 'spotting' the halogen performs well.

Although the light is rated at 'shower-proof', I've used it in some pretty wet conditions without malfunction.

It might be useful to point out that there were reported problems with the earlier versions of the light to do with the battery pack but this has been rectified on the later lights.

Also available soon will be a replacement LED, which can be fitted instead of the halogen bulb.

Spare halogen bulbs cost around £3.

Minor Gripes

My main worry was when the halogen promptly gave up after a couple of operations. I complained and received two spare bulbs free of charge and it's fair to say that I haven't had a repeat performance of the bulb 'popping' since - maybe just one of those things.

The second minor gripe concerns the switching sequence of the LED�s. Push button the appropriate button once you get 2 LED�s, twice 6 LED�s, then third time OFF. This means that if you are using 2 LED�s and want to turn off then you have to cycle to the 6 LED�s before the OFF. You can always rotate the central light casing to the �OFF� position to avoid this � after 15 seconds or so the light �forgets� any previous settings. If you are a 6 LED person then no worries and just a minor inconvenience. If using any light be careful to avoid 'blasting' the water with undue light pollution � it may cost you a fish or two. As mentioned earlier the blue central portion rotates so the clear cover is protected from scratching when the light is not in use � this also gives you 100% OFF with no battery drain.

Minor gripes aside, this is a lightweight light which is gives a range of illuminations and useful features. I especially liked the battery check feature and thought that the red flashing rear LED and SOS (All 6 LED�s flashing) facilities as thoughtful safety orientated additions. The LED�s give out a bright white light � maybe a range of coloured filters would be useful.

cool-light.co.uk - at £59.99 or telephone Magic Mountain, Outdoor Sports on 01457 854424.

BFW Score

8.5 out of 10 � may go up or down depending on performance over a longer term and in the damp, cold conditions of winter.

Bob Gill (bgit) November 2002
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