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Landing net

Wayne Pevy

Senior Member
Thinking of getting a korum 30 inch triangle latex net,has anyone got one and what do you think,been using the spoon one for years and like it,but its a bit cumbersome to be honest

Eddie Bray

Senior Member
I've got one and also got a NGT 36" which was a steal for what I paid for it. Both nice nets, but the NGT is both bigger and deeper. I take them both normally when I go fishing.

Jon Young

Senior Member
I don’t like deep triangle nets for the river as they caught in all the brambles and branches when your trying to net a fish. The korum one was just right. I brought the latex pan net but didn’t like it so brought the triangle but after I lost it I just started using the pan again and actually don’t mind it now. I will replace it with the triangle though next time I need a new one

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
I agree with Paul a 30” triangle is too small and doesn’t cover the same surface area nor is the measurement carried out in the same plane as a 30” spoon. If you need 30” from the spreader to the centre of the net then you need a 36” triangle. I assume like most manufacturers Korum take the 30” measurement Diagonally across the arm