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Korum Ruckbag

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Korum Ruckbag


I like Korum tackle and accessories.

I've always felt they are well thought out items, made from good quality materials, that do the job they are intended, and with the Ruckbag, the Korum team have taken a simple idea, to have a zip on the side of the bag, rather than have a top opening like most other 'rucksacks'.

Korum have two sized Ruckbags:
The standard one measuring 35cm(w) 48cm (h) 25cm(d), and the XL one measuring 35cm(w) 48cm (h) 32cm(d).

The Ruckbag is built to take the companies I.T.M (Intelligent Tackle Management) tackle boxes, but lets be honest, tackle boxes of most makes and sizes will fit the Ruckbag. There are three external (one large and two medium) and two internal zipped pockets.

In the main compartment, there is more than enough room for a days tackle, bait, food and camera etc. Another useful addition are the Korum I.T.M soft boxes, which come in small, medium and large and fit perfectly into the Ruckbag. These are exactly what they say they are, soft zipped boxed, that are well padded, and ideal for storing all manner of items, from scales, cameras, slings, alarms, feeders, leads, reels etc. They have a clear lids, which enables you to see the item of tackle you want to, at a glance.

Ok, so down to the nitty gritty. How does the Ruckbag perform.

The first thing you notice is the Ruckbag has an EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) base. This is an injection moulded, strong, waterproof base that can easily be wiped clean, and protect the contents of the Ruckbag when its laid on the ground.

The zips seem to be of a good quality, and although are a little stiff at first, then soon freed up with a little use.

The shoulder straps are full adjustable and padded, and there are useful lifting handles at each end.

Even when fully loaded, the Ruckbag sits comfortable on my shoulders.

I've done a number of long walks, both along the river, and on a local reservoir I am currently fishing for Pike, and the Ruckbag has been a joy to carry. It has certainly become a favoured piece of kit, that I can see me using for many years to come.

The one thing the Ruckbag could do with in my opinion, it a continuation of the EVA base around one or both ends of the Ruckbag, as I tend to find that when I lift it from the car, I place it down on one end before lifting it via the shoulder straps to place on my back. This is just a minor niggle thoough, and certainly doesn't take away anything from the Ruckbag.

I have yet to try the chair attachment, which is two 'hooks' on the bag that you clip the chair onto, so have found they do get in the way a little if you don't have a chair attached. Hopefully by the time I next update the review, I'll be able to report how the Ruckbag and chair combination work together.

I intend to update this reviews in 6 and again in 12 months time, with a more long-term progress of how the Ruckbag performs, but for now, it gets a big thumbs up from me. If you're in the market for a new rucksack/carryall, then I can strongly recommend you take a look at the Korum Ruckbag.

They are currently retailing at around £40 for the standard Ruckbag, and £50 for the XL version.


Korum Rucksacks
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