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Isotope alternative

Terry Harman

Senior Member & Supporter


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Terry Harman

Senior Member & Supporter
I bought some of the rings and put them between rod rest head and bankstick you can compare them to the isotope in the pic


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Bob Gill

Staff member
Look like photoluminescent strontium aluminate to me - like the coating I used to encapsulate and hold the isotope in the Isoblob.
The Isoblob encapsulation could also be 'charged' by light or UV to increase the glow intensity and time period (8hrs+).

Glass encapsulated tritium gas (often referred to as isotope or betalite) should last for many years and has a half life of 11 years and have a glow which should last well well beyond this period.

There are also chemical lights - the sticks that you break to activate.


Richard Isaacs

Senior Member & Supporter
Can’t beat isotopes imo.
No batteries, bright enough for the angler, discreet enough not to draw attention to yourself, no charging up with a torch, not really expensive when you consider they last up to 15-20 years ( less than £1 a year) and they are tiny.

Only downside would be you’d need a certain degree of competence to fit them nicely on a rod tip

Tim Marks

Senior Member & Supporter
bright enough for the angler, discreet enough not to draw attention to yourself,
A pal of mine was quietly fishing on the Thames one autumn evening. It was just going dark and he had one rod out with an isotope on the tip.

Along come a courting couple and the guy starts enlightening his girlfriend about the firefly hovering just beyond the marginal reeds. She is suitably impressed. Then my mate stands up and the ‘firefly’ mysteriously moves at the same moment……Cue much hilarity alround.