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Alan Palmer

Senior Member
Hi all, I’m fast coming to the end of my stock of the old Fox series 2 hooks...imo the best ever BIG bait Chub hook - so, any recommendations for a replacement?

Joe Winstanley

Senior Member
I generally use Kamasan B983 Specialist Wide Gape hooks good when slugging or using big pieces of flake for chub, decent hooks which do the job. Good value too.

Derek Funcks

Senior Member
Hi Alan, apart from the very slightly inturned eye on the Pallatrax hooks, they look quite similar, which are excellent for both chub and barbel. The barbs can easily be flattened if need be, but they also come in barbless.
Been using them for a good few years now, and never had any issues with them.

pallatrax hooks.jpg

pallatrax vs fox.
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Stuart Linton

Senior Member
Gardner Talon Tips are similar. If you tried them before and didn't like them as I did in the past(seemed Blunt out of packet) have another look. To me, Gardner hooks have improved as it looks like they've remodelled the points IMO. Very sharp and don't blunt easily. Atomic Claws hooks are equally as good.

Alan Palmer

Senior Member
Thanks for comments, what I liked about the old series 2 hooks was the finer gauge, no good for big carp but for chub great...I had balancing them with cork ball and paste to perfection. The pallatrax and fox look ideal....and the aliexpress ones look like a bargain, also quite fancy trying Nash flota claw. Will report back