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Hooklength choice??

Neil Smart

Senior Member
Start of the season is always crap, unless you fish the aquariums,,,, not been out yet, roll on the fishing season, september onward,,,
Couldn't agree more Jim, but resorted to maggot feeder the other evening, just for bites, good fun loads of Perch and Chub. Was seriously thinking of tarting it to Barbel Alley on the 7 after the Facebook Barbell species, or would even settle for the odd Chubb.
Thanks for bringing me to my senses 😀

Neil Smart

Senior Member
Just booked 2 days on the Wye at Lucksall Park, Herefordshire week after next so that will be a start to regaining the confidence in my rigs, HOPEFULLY!!!!!!
Trouble is with that Wye Barbel when having it are not worried about what material your pellet is hanging on....unlike the cautious 10 year old solitary Thames double who has seen it all, your Wye experience will be great, but I wouldn't use it as a lesson for other rivers.

Julian Griffiths

Senior Member
How do you begin to choose what hooklength choice is right?
By that I mean hooklength material - Mono, flouro, braid, coated braid?

I never seem to know what to use, I have tried all of them but as my catch rate is so low I’m always unsure what to change.

I’m fishing the Thames and Hampshire Avon if that helps.
Feel ya pain bud.

For what it's worth, it's quite difficult to measure your successs against others as the more rod hours you spend on the venue the better your results.
It's not all down to rigs either, as even I can catch on basic ones.
For me the most important part in catching is down to knowing the feeding times or when the fish are most likely to be active.
Many times years ago where I use to fish, I'd turn up to a venue, and the guys on it are telling me I'm wasting my time as they've been there all day & had nowt. What they didn't know, was that I'd finished work for the day, and I've turned up not expecting to catch till 1-2am! 👍
Graham put me in jelly wire years ago, and did alright on it Tony.
But the feeding times and bait confidence & fishing known areas will always help.

Are you using a bait you've caught on before & have confidence in?
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Tony Stone

Senior Member
Rig and bait are tried and tested,

I think with so much terminal tackle available these days, most catches the angler rather than the fish!!

I’ll stick to what I have caught on before.