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Hiking/walking boots

Clive Kenyon

Senior Member
For the money Hi-tec are very underrated, if money is no issue Scarpa.
Reading good things about inov8, they have a graphene coating on the sole which pretty much makes them indestructible.
I had some Hi Tec that lasted years despite the abuse they got fishing, beating and shooting. I replaced them with the updated version of the same boot and they fell apart within a few months. It was obviously a manufacturing issue that resulted from them changing the materials and cutting costs but their customer service department were not interested. They wanted me to return the boots to the retailer. As far as I was concerned I did not want the retailer to lose out for something they would have been unaware of. It was a manufacturing issue.

On that basis I would not now recommend them.

Neil Lumby

Senior Member
Scarpa Terra GTX for me. Had mine 8 plus years and they’ve just about had it. I’ve been so happy with them think I’ll just buy the same again

Rich Lowe

Had two pairs of Brasher Hillmasters which were great, last pair split and the quality was noticeably different. My own fault, because I didn't realise they were taken over by Berghaus (JD Sports/Pentland Group) 😞. Living on past accolades unfortunately

Next pair will be Scarpa Ranger GTX or Altberg's