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Greys Prodigy Barbel Rod

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After a lot of standing around in a tackle shop , playing with various rods, I took the plunge and bought a Greys Prodigy barbel rod.
The shop had a 2lb tc version in stock with standard avon top and a quiver tip supplied with 3 push in tips -2oz (glass) and 4oz & 6oz ( carbon). The reason for purchase was to use on rivers when there is a greater flow and the use of heavier weights is required.
To be honest - I have not seen a rod of this test curve advertised on the Greys website - just one up to 1& 3/4 lb tc , with tips of 2 , 3 and 4 oz. So far I have only used the 4 oz tip as the river flow at present is not too much above normal levels. All of the eyes on the tips are lined and the flow of the line is clean and smooth. I am currently using braid main lines and find the flow of line on both the cast and retrieve to be as smooth as silk.

I have not had to cast very far with the rod, either just a gentle overhead of under arm flick is sufficient for most situations. The real beauty of the rods is the clear bite indication - yeah I know - mainly it just slams round, but I have been sat watching the tip jump about when they have been brushing past the line. This is a situation which requires immense self control, waiting for a 'proper' bite. The rod does come into its full potential when playing the fish, It takes on a very nice smooth curve, which allows plenty of power in the lower 1/2 to 2/3rds of the rod, enabling large barbel to be brought to the net nice and gently. So far since purchasing the rod in October I have been fortunate to have landed 3 barbel over 10 and , most recently at 12lb 13oz.

They say that at the heart of a good fisherman is confidence in his gear - I feel very confident with this rod. The only complaints about the rod are :

(1) Like many tip rods , it is only the last 2-3 inches that have bright colour painted indicators. Why can they not make the whole tip white, making them more easy to see in low light conditions.

(2) Why does it not come with a whipped on beta/nightlight holder?

Chris Brown
November 2004
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