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Fox twin tip floodwater rods....ard 008 2.75 tc.

Clive Kirkman

Senior Member
Thinking of selling two of the above rods, what's the going price for these rods, I know they are pretty rare.
I also have a giant martin bowler great ouse rod 1.5 tc whats the going rate on these.
All advice very much appreciated.

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
I know the ones now.
I think 350 is very very top end money but these iconic fox rods do get the bidders on board so it doesn’t surprise me.
If I had to put a valve on them I’d say 120-130 each if they have all 4 original tips, tip tube and bags and in clean condition.
You can almost half that if there is anything missing or damaged

Richard Isaacs

Senior Member
The Martin bowler Ouse rods although even rarer than the foxs never really pick up big money for some reason and I can only put that down to the fact that they are a barbel rod with a test curve that’s just not often used any more.
the drennan mb rods are much more desirable yet I doubt they are any better realistically.
I’d say £50-70 tops for those.

Simon Archer

Senior Member
..........I still might be though.


The pair I just missed out on at the beginning of this year went for £335 IIRC. I was winning, but then got outbid with 6 seconds to go.
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David Craine

Senior Member
Wow, I have a pair , both in very good used condition, full spec , rod bags , quivers etc, with the plastic triangular tubes . Bought new for silly cheap money , I did not realize they were so desireable .

Too good to sell as they do just what they are designed for , ideal flood rods .

As said they do come up on that auction site occasionally .